Goose Bumps

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Comedy/Crime/Drama/Mystery, UK, 1993, 53 min.

Synopsis When faced with a pricey dentist bill, Lovejoy agrees to settle it by investigating the alleged drowning death of Terence Sullivan, a dodgy antiques dealer, who either fell or jumped from a ferry. The widow gives Lovejoy a key to a storage container, where he finds a matched pair of Chinese geese, which are coveted by two obsessive collectors including deranged millionaire Arnold Tape. Tape has a mania for all things geese and compulsively collects artistic representations of them. Sullivan turns up, very much alive and accompanied by a pretty stewardess, demanding his geese for a rich Belgian collector, but Lovejoy thinks the proceeds should go to his "widow," who he has callously deserted. When Charlotte sees Lovejoy's seemingly altruistic devotion to the widow, she feels she's misjudged his character and finally gives in to his seductive charm. As a sidebar, Charlie Gimbert tries to cultivate a judge and his magistrate wife in order to propel his ambitions to become a justice-of-the peace.

Directed by Gordon Flemyng  

Starring Ian McShane, Dudley Sutton, Caroline Langrishe, Diane Parish, Malcolm Tierney, more...

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