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Comedy/Crime/Drama/Mystery, UK, 1986, 50 min.

Synopsis Lovejoy is a loveable rogue and an antiques dealer with an amazing talent for spotting hidden treasures. When not looking for the odd collectible, Lovejoy spends most of his time using his con-artist skills to help out the less fortunate. His partners in crime are wealthy Lady Jane, his dim assistant Eric, and the genially intoxicated Tinker.

Directed by Baz Taylor, Sarah Hellings, Gordon Flemyng, Ken Horn, Nicholas Laughland, Rob Walker, Paul Harrison, Alex Kirby, Ian White, David Reynolds, Peter Barber-Fleming, Geoffrey Sax, Don Leaver, John Crome, John Woods, Francis Megahy, Ian McShane, Jim Hill, Ken Hannam, Roger Tucker, William Brayne, Bill Hays, Richard Laxton  

Starring Ian McShane, Dudley Sutton, Chris Jury, Phyllis Logan, Malcolm Tierney, more...

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