The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

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Adventure/Drama//Mystery/Sci-Fi/Thriller, USA, 2009, 46 min.

Synopsis Previously on...: Locke learned that he had to bring back The Oceanic Six and learned that he'd had to die to do it. Then we saw Locke in a coffin.What's in the bag? We opened on a guy named Caesar who was snooping around a dark room. He saw some diagrams and drawings and stuffed a loaded sawed-off shotgun in his bag. A woman named Ilana walked in and asked him what he'd found. He said nothing, then claimed he'd found a flashlight. She said they'd found "a man" who was standing in the water. Caesar and Ilana were trying to figure out who this man was, and Ilana said "he wasn't on the plane." We found out the man was Locke.Locke stood on the beach the next morning when he asked Ilana if she had a passenger list of who was on her plane. She'd mentioned that a woman and the pilot of her plane had taken one of the rowboats that were on the beach. She said he'd have to talk to Caesar about the passenger list. She asked him why he was dressed so nice and he said he thought the suit he wore was what they were going to bury him in.Locke had a flashback to when he was turning the donkey wheel and there was a flash, and he woke up in Tunisia -- where Ben awoke after turning the donkey wheel. Locke laid on the ground in pain and noticed some security cameras pointed at him. He cried for help to no avail. In the middle of the night, some men came, grabbed Locke and threw him into the back of a truck. Locke woke up in some kind of medical tent where some men forced him to swallow a pill and jammed his leg into place.Locke later woke up to see Charles Whidmore, who told him he'd been looking for him since he was 17. Whidmore said Ben fooled him into leaving the island, that Ben exiled him, but Locke said he left by choice. Whidmore told Locke he knew he'd come to bring the rest of the group back. Whidmore told Locke they'd been back for three years and were lying about where they'd been. Whidmore said he'd do all he could to help Locke get them back to the island. When Locke asked why, Whidmore said, "Because there's a war coming, and if you're not back on the island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win."Locke flipped through a passport with his picture on it with the name "Jeremy Bentham." Whidmore told Locke he'd been watching the rest of the group because he's deeply invested in the future of the island. Locke told Whidmore that Alpert said he'd have to die to get the rest of the Losties back. Whidmore said he didn't know why Alpert said that, but he was going to make sure Locke was safe. Whidmore introduced Locke to his driver and guard, Matthew Abaddon. Mr. Abaddon prepared a wheelchair for Locke, which he didn't seem to like.Locke asked Abaddon not to talk to him, then told Abaddon they were heading to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. There, we saw Sayid helping build a house for charity. Locke told Sayid he wanted him to go back to the island. Sayid asked Locke if he wanted to go back to the island just because he had nowhere else to go. Locke asked Abaddon to find a woman named Helen Norwood for him.Next stop, New York. Locke and Abaddon waited outside a school where Walt walked out and came over as soon as he noticed Locke sitting in his wheelchair. Walt asked Locke if he'd seen his dad and Locke just said the last he'd heard, Michael was on a freighter near the island. Locke told Walt he just wanted to make sure he was OK. Locke got back into the car with Abaddon's help and we could see Ben watching it all from a distance.On to Santa Rosa, California, where Locke caught up with Hurley, who assumed Locke was dead. Hurley was shocked when he realized Locke was alive and really there. Hurley said he didn't think Locke's plan was going to work, then he told Locke not to trust Abaddon, because he had once come to the hospital claiming he worked for Oceanic Airlines.Locke left Hurley behind, then asked Abaddon what he really did for Whidmore. Abaddon reminded Locke that he was the orderly at the hospital way back when who originally suggested to Locke that he do the walk-about in Australia. "I get people to where they need to be," Abaddon said.In L.A., Locke talked to Kate, who said the answer was "no." She asked him if he'd ever been in love and he said he had, to a woman named Helen. Locke said it just "didn't work out."Locke asked Abaddon about Helen, and Abaddon took him to a cemetery and told Locke she died of a brain aneurysm. Locke and Abaddon talked about Locke's inevitable path back to the island. Locke questioned whether he had a choice about dying or not dying. Then Abaddon got shot and Locke jumped in the driver's seat of the car and peeled out, getting into a bad car accident after running a red light.This time, Locke woke up in a hospital, with Jack sitting next to his bed asking, "What are you doing here?" Locke told Jack they had to go back to the island. Locke told Jack someone was trying to kill him, because they didn't want Locke to get back because he was special. Jack told Locke maybe he wasn't so special, but Locke got Jack's attention when he told Jack that his father said hello. Jack got upset, saying his dad died three years ago, and telling Locke to leave him and all the rest of the survivors alone.We saw Locke writing the note to Jack, then preparing to hang himself. Just as he was about to take a step off the table, Ben knocked on the door, then walked in and stopped Locke before he killed himself. Locke asked Ben what he wanted and Ben said he was trying to protect. Locke realized Ben killed Abaddon. Ben tried to convince Locke that Whidmore was using him to try to get back to the island. Ben told Locke he had no idea how important he was. Locke said he was a failure because he couldn't get any of the survivors to come back to the island.Ben told Locke that Jack had booked a ticket to Sydney and a return trip first thing in the morning. Ben talked Locke down as they were vowing to help each other, and Locke told Ben about his promise to Jin and the wedding ring Jin gave him to prove to Sun that Jin had survived and washed up on the beach. But when Locke mentioned that he was supposed to find Eloise Hawking in Los Angeles, Ben said he knew her and suddenly wrapped the cord back around Locke's neck and choked him to death.Ben quickly cleaned up the scene in Locke's room and made it look like Locke hanged himself. Ben said he'd miss him, then left.Back on the island, Locke walked in to talk to Caesar and told him he'd spent 100 days on the island and knew a lot about the island.Caesar told Locke about how Hurley disappeared when the plane started shaking and the bright light flashed. Locke asked for a passenger list, but Caesar said the pilot took it when he ran off. Caesar said everyone was accounted for, then showed Locke a room with "the people who got hurt."Locke went to that room and saw Ben laying on a bed. Caesar asked Locke if he knew him. Locke said, "Yes, that's the man who killed me."

Directed by Jack Bender  

Starring Naveen Andrews, Henry Ian Cusick, Jeremy Davies, Michael Emerson, Matthew Fox, more...

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