Lost Saints and Other Stories

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Drama, USA, 2010

AKAs Day Watching

Synopsis Six people spread out across three different places are set to discover just how big an impact their actions are making -- Jodie, a young unaccomplished woman in Arizona who discovers a humorous love interest behind a man; Rodrigo, an illegal immigrant struggling with a love triangle separated by the past and the present; Mesa, a teenager who finds himself border crossing to rescue his best friend whom his mother had deported; Lily and Javier, a young couple who discover love while she is on vacation in Mexico visiting her aunt and uncle; and Claudia, an extreme TV reporter in Tennessee who must return home in order to set her not-forgotten past straight.

Directed by Stephen Jules Rubin, Frederick Aragon, David Ferry Jr., Gene Mederos, Everette Scott Ortiz, Matthew Page  

Starring James French, Isaiah Gallegos, Joe Manuel Gallegos Jr., Orlando Lucero, Corinne Otero, more...

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