The Reincarnation of Nellie: Part 2

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Drama/Family/Romance/Western, 1981

Synopsis Nels goes to the ice house to get supplies and finds an unconscious (and frozen) Belinda inside. Belinda, as it turns out, will be just fine, but Nels decides to get some answers. Nancy claims she saw Willie close the door to the ice house (which he affirms), but she says nothing more about why; only the audience knows it was part of a diabolical plan to kill off her school rival and obtain the leading role in the school talent show. Later, Charles is visiting Sleepy Eye and visits with the orphanage director. In casual conversation, Charles learns that Nancy's mother had died due to childbirth complications, and that her behavior was growing increasingly worse; had the Olesens not adopted her, she would have been moved to a home for behavior-problem children. Charles shares his findings with Laura, who is left speechless. They then deduce that Nancy was behind the plan to lock Belinda in the ice house and Willie was left to play an unwitting role. Laura concludes that one-time rival Nellie had done some bad things during her wilder days, but even Nellie had morals and limits; Nancy's behavior, on the other hand, has no bounds and that what she has done has already far outdone Nellie. Even Mrs. Olesen is outraged at being lied to about her background. Laura then meets with Nancy's classmates and they conspire to teach Nancy a lesson once and for all. They decide to make Nancy the show queen! Well, that's all they tell her ... at first. On the day of the show, Nancy is dressed as a mermaid and thinks she's going to be the darling of the show. That is, until she sees she's sitting just above a water tank; she's been made queen of the dunk tank! After Belinda gets her revenge, Mrs. Olesen wants her turn ... and dunks Nancy! Mrs. Olesen then tells her daughter that she has people who love her and care for her, and she doesn't have to lie to get that sort of attention.

Directed by Michael Landon  

Starring Michael Landon, Karen Grassle, Melissa Gilbert, Lindsay Greenbush, Sidney Greenbush, more...

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