Formal Reformed

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Drama, 2010, 60 min.

Synopsis It's the winter formal. Lux, still not talking to Cate gets forced into dress shopping. All is going well until the conversation turns to Baze and things take a turn for the worst. Just when Lux thinks her life couldn't get any worse, Bug shows. Tentative at first, Lux eventually falls to his charms. Before long Baze arrives home with Abby, for "the talk" little does he know Bug is listening in on every word in the other room and his talk is a little to late with Lux. When Bug hears Baze and Abby telling Lux to wait with Jones, he isn't happy. Storming off once again Lux realises he hasn't changed and heads off to the formal with Jones. Lux is unhappy to learn Cate is a chaperon. JBaze discovers a condom on the floor of his loft and heads to the formal to confront Jones after his fatherly warning earlier that night. Jones denies it is his and Lux comes clean that it belongs to Bug. Jones, unhappy, goes back to the dance while Cate and Baze argue once again. Lux comes after him but he his annoyed about her rendezvous with Bug earlier that day. Insisting she thought her and Jones were just friends she apologises, Jones does not accept. Meanwhile, we learn exactly why Cate blames Baze for all her problems - because of what he said about her the "day after". He apologises and says he cares about her but Cate was talking about wanting Lux to care not Baze and gets angry again. Lux wanders off and runs into Cate, both now alone they have a heart to heart. Lux goes back into the dance, told someone is "looking for her". When she goes in, she sees Bug in a suit and holding a big bunch flowers. They slow dance etc etc. What does this mean for Lux and Jones? is Bug here to stay? Back at the bar, Baze runs into a slightly tipsy Abby. When Lux arrives home and finds Baze and Abby in his bed she announces Cate is waiting for him outside. Willing to make amends for her years of blaming Cate wants to "start over" beginning with that night (without the back of the mini van part) because she knows "he's changed" .. but has he?

Directed by J. Miller Tobin  

Starring Brittany Robertson, Shiri Appleby, Kristoffer Polaha, Austin Basis, Kerr Smith, more...

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