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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2008, 43 min.

Synopsis Goren sits, alone, at the end of a bar, looking like he hasn't slept since last season. He flashes back to his time in the psych ward and his subsequent suspension. A cop he knows from a case walks in and confronts him. He tells Goren to leave because his precinct is throwing him a benefit, and he needs the money because Goren cost him his job and pension. A narc cop, Mike Stoat, breaks up the fight. He tells him he's on six months suspension, just like Goren. He got busted for having coke in his system, which he did to maintain his cover. He came looking for Goren. He's got a way to earn legit money. He leaves his card and a gun in a newspaper. Goren grabs it.In the office, Eames looks at Goren's empty chair. She's about to visit her family when the captain tells her a drug dealer and two English tourists have been shot in Red Hook. She goes to the scene. Detective Daniels greets her. The dealer has 10 grams of coke in his pocket. They think the tourists might be collateral damage.Goren drives around with Stoat's gun on his passenger seat, looking like Grizzly Adams' only slightly younger brother.Eames goes to the morgue. Daniels is there. Captain Ross tells her Daniels is on temporary assignment as her partner. Dr. Rodgers tells them the dealer was beaten and had his hands up when he was shot. He's covered in gang tattoos but has had some removed.Daniels and Eames chat. He asks what happened to Goren. He says he heard Goren snapped. (As they talk, Goren practices at the firing range.) Eames tells Daniels he went undercover in the psych ward up state, out of jurisdiction.Goren leaves the gun in the newspaper at the firing range. He calls Stoat and tells him he's in.Cut to a party. Rumpshaking occurs. Stoat is working the door. Goren is there, awkwardly, with him. They chat. Stoat got the job because he busted the owner once. A guy pulls up in an SVU. Goren sees a gun in his waistband and stops him. Stoat tells him to say hi to his new boss.Daniels and Eames look at maps of the projects in Red Hook, right near the yuppies and Ikea, and a mob-run industrial area that just got busted. Since the bust, it's been open season in the area, four dealers shot in the last six weeks. A turf war.They look at the dealer's rap sheet and find that a guy he got busted with several times has court-appointed therapy.Stoat picks up Goren at his house, which he tracked down on his own. Goren's phone rings. It's Eames. He doesn't answer. Stoat tells him they're going to work at a strip club.Eames and Daniels go visit the therapist. She's mid-session with Keyshawn, the dead dealer's partner. The session includes her astride him naked. Oops.They take Keyshawn in. They ask him about the dead guy, Wilson. He says he doesn't know what Wilson was doing in Red Hook. He says he never left Bed-Stuy.The therapist is in the other interrogation room. She provides Keyshawn with a (naked) alibi. Eames gets a ballistics report. The gun is a match to one that used to be in NYPD evidence.Goren goes to meet with someone -- it's Captain Ross. Goren updates him on things with Stoat. Ross tells Goren they want him to go undercover. Goren's worried about his safety. Ross warns him some guys in the property clerks office might be dirty. Goren tells Ross to get him back to work.Cut to Stoat at the strip club. Goren joins him. Two guys proposition the boss for a drug deal. Goren stops them. At first, the boss is mad until Goren smashes the cell phone the one guy put on the bar and finds the wire. He asks the two cops to leave. The boss is pleased. He takes Goren in back and offers to reward him with cocaine. Goren thinks about it, as Stoat does snootfuls. A knock at the door saves Goren.Cut to Goren leaving a diner. Eames stops him on the street, asking why he hasn't called her back. She wants to talk but he blows her off and leaves.Stoat and Goren go meet with Stoat's old partner, who gives them an envelope. Stoat tells Goren they're doing something a little different today, looking for someone. Goren warns Stoat that their boss, Testarosa, was on the department's radar before he went on suspension. Stoat says he's just doing the job they won't let him do. Goren tells him if the department finds out, they're both in trouble. Stoat asks Goren if he's got his back. He says yes.Eames and Daniels visit the property room. The evidence bag that should have a gun in it is empty.They go back up to the office and go through names of officers who had access to the room. Captain Ross, not citing his inside info, tells them to play his hunch and focus on one group.Eames comes up with Lois Milago, Stoat's old partner who he met earlier with Goren. Eames briefs Daniels on everything he presumably already knows about Milago and Stoat.They go to talk to them. Milago knows Eames, they were in the same graduating class. Eames asks for her help finding the missing 9 mm. Milago says she didn't have access to the property room. She says she's not saying more. Eames asks about Stoat. Milago doesn't say anything.Goren and Stoat go to a house to catch the guy they're looking for. Stoat roughs him up and takes all the money in his wallet. Goren pulls Stoat off him.Stoat takes the money back to Testarosa. He asks Stoat to stay, but he has to be somewhere. Goren stays.Stoat visits Eames. He says he has nothing to do with the missing 9 mm that was used to kill the tourists.At Testarosa's club, Goren supervises a drug deal -- a good sized one. Goren asks if he can leave. Testarosa says not yet. He calls someone on his cell phone, giving a description of the guy he just sold the money to.Moments later, Milago pulls the guy, Santana, over. Back in the office, Ross tells Eames and Daniels that Milago has been making arrests like crazy to get off patrol. It was the third strike for the guy she busted, and he wants to talk. Santana says he has information about the dead tourists. He tells Eames and Daniels that the word is someone in Testarosa's crew killed the tourists. He rues his bad luck at getting busted for 10 lousy ounces. The arresting report says four. Eames asks about the cop, Milago, who arrested him. He says they pulled him over for no reason. He says Testarosa has two ex-cops on his payroll. Ross OKs Santana wearing a wire.Cut to Goren and Stoat at Testarosa's club. Milago walks up and says she needs to talk to Stoat alone. She tells him Santana was released an hour ago. Stoat is incredulous that he got bail on a drug felony and is out.Goren and Stoat go to Santana's apartment and drag him out of bed. They take him to Testarosa's club. Goren searches him and says he's clean. They ask Santana if he made a deal. He denies is. Stoat beats him up. Stoat fiddles with the lighter Goren took out of Santana's pocket. He finds the wire. Goren says he missed it. Testarosa says that means Santana is Goren's problem and he has to take care of it. Stoat lays out plastic. Goren grabs Santana and puts a gun to his head. Cops bust in.Eames and Goren end up face to face, guns drawn.Cut to Stoat and Goren in jail. Stoat wants to know how Goren missed the wire. He says he just screwed up. Stoat tells Goren the story to tell. That they were working security and Goren grabbed the gun to stop Testatrosa.Ross and Eames pull Stoat out, leaving Goren. Ross starts to brief Goren. Eames is confused. Goren asks if its OK to tell her now. They tell her Goren was undercover. She's shocked and looks betrayed. Ross tells Eames to try to get Milago to talk.Milago doesn't seem inclined to talk. Eames asks her what happened to the other six ounces and tells her she's on Testarosa's payroll. Milago asks for a lawyer.Ross meet Eames. Daniels says the rookie riding with Milago just flipped on her.Goren goes in with Stoat, trying to get him to talk about Testarosa. Stoat doesn't think he did anything wrong. Goren reminds him of the dead tourists and asks if he's so far gone he can't see that as wrong.Goren briefs Ross. Stoat isn't talking. Ross says Stoat and Milago are going to jail, the Feds are making it a RICO case. Goren apologizes to Eames. He tells her there were rules he had to follow to get his shield back. She yells at him, saying it seems like he thinks he's the genius and she just follows him. He says he was trying to protect her. She asks what he would have done if someone other than her had come through the door and put a gun to his head.Cut to Goren with Ross, the chief of detectives, and Eames. Goren gets his shield and gun back. Daniels says good-bye to Eames. Goren, cleaned up now, sits down at his desk and tries to talk to Eames. She walks away. Goren opens his desk drawer and finds a dead rat. Welcome back!

Directed by Jesús Salvador Trevino  

Starring Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, Eric Bogosian, Dean Winters, Lauren Vélez, more...

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