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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2008, 41 min.

Synopsis A dad takes his son home from the park, saying good-bye to two women. As he pushes the stroller away he flashes back to his wife leaving for the airport and later, telling a woman named Paloma to watch her screen today. Outside his office, after the stock results, a man stops him, arguing with his stock recommendation. Then, he meets another man for naked time in a gym shower. As the man walks home in the dark through the park he sees someone he knows. "Oh, it's you," are his final words before the person shoots him.He's Skip Lowe, a big time financial analyst, the officer on scene tells Goren and Eames when they arrive. Leo, the kid, was asleep in his stroller when the body was found. He's safe now with the nanny. Skip's wife is still out of town.Geames go to talk to the nanny. Leo the two-year-old is taking piano and Chinese lessons. She says Skip called to say he was running late to pick Leo up from Chinese that day.They visit the mom from the park who watched Leo until Skip showed up. The other woman is her mother, Eleanor Reynolds. She strides in and tells her daughter-in-law Marla she shouldn't talk to the police in front of her son. She critiques Marla for every little thing. As Marla talks to Geames outside, Eleanor walks out with the kid to take him to get a real breakfast.They get a message that Skip's wife is back in town. She tells Geames he takes an early spinning class at the gym every day. She tried to call him at the office yesterday but he wasn't there. That leaves more than an hour unaccounted for.Geames go to his office. His coworker assures them he wasn't having an affair then restores his deleted computer files. He has an email under a non-company account, "Big Skipper." It's a message to meet "Kev9" at the gym, a guy looking for a discreet married man. They set up a meeting on-line and grab him.Kev9 insists at the station that he loves his wife but sometimes has sex with men. He recognizes Skip, the man he met in the showers the day before. Eames believes his denials and he has an alibi.Geames discuss motive. Captain Ross hopes it's not random.Cut to a seemingly random act: a woman walks her baby and dog in the park (the baby's in the stroller, the dog isn't). She walks under a similar bridge and is shot. Geames checks out the scene. Same gun, same MO. They think she saw her killer but didn't feel threatened. Her daughter is also fine.Geames visit the woman's nanny, who tells them the woman was devoted to her daughter. The woman was Paloma, who Skip told earlier to watch her screen.At the station, Geames find the stock link between the two. Paloma was a VP at a telecomm company. Skip analyzed their stock. Skip had a different recommendation than other analysts for Paloma's company.Geames go there, QualXT. They talk to the president, walking him through Skip's recommendation. He seems to think nothing's amiss.He references gossip on a blog. They visit the blogger, who lost $50 million on Skip's recommendation. He thinks Skip got what was coming to him. But he has an alibi.Back at the office, Captain Ross hands them a report on a third victim who was shot 10 days ago but just died in the hospital.Goren thinks they could be dealing with a hunter.They look into the new victim, the first, Denise. She had a restraining order against her ex-husband. Police picked him up after she was shot but he couldn't make bail. He's been in jail for the other two shootings. Since they were all killed with the same gun, it couldn't have been him.Geames go to visit him. He denies stalking his wife, says he was just trying to protect his daughter from the various men he thought his wife was sleeping with, including a preacher from the soup kitchen where she worked.They visit the preacher. Goren insinuates they were having an affair. He wants an explanation for why Denise would drive so far to work there. The preacher says he got her daughter into their preschool.Geames start to suspect a preschool link.They go back to Skip's wife. They were trying to get Leo in there, but he was on the wait list. She shows them the acceptance letter she got just the day before. Paloma's daughter also went there.Geames go to visit the director. Goren asks why the director didn't realize the link. She didn't know Skip Lowe was on the waiting list. They call in the admissions director, who admits she didn't tell the director. They get a list of children attending or wait listed.Back at the station, Goren writes out the names of the kids, moving them from the admitted to wait-listed columns as they're bumped off. Goren thinks someone might kill to get their kid in since it's a pathway to the Ivy leagues.Geames go to visit the Reynolds. As they knock, bitchy Mrs. Reynolds returns with her grandson and is snooty to the detectives, telling them to come back later. She fumbles for her keys and drops a small gun on the ground. Awkward.At the station, Mrs. Reynolds indignantly denies that she'd put a gun in the diaper bag. (She doesn't do poop.) She suggests a nanny at the park might have done it. She admits the preppy preschool was her idea. She sees her son and daughter-in-law arrive and begins fidgeting.Geames go to talk to Marla and her husband. Marla says she was with her mother-in-law in the park the whole time when Skip was killed. When her husband leaves the room Marla admits she ran to the store during that time. Marla says Eleanor is mad at her for allowing her son Henry to play and get dirty before his interview, blowing his chances.Later, Geames confer with Ross. The gun is the murder weapon and Eleanor's time during the killings is unaccounted for.Back at the preschool, the admissions director says she and Eleanor are pals and that Eleanor understood Henry's rejection completely.At the station, Eleanor gets snooty and uppity when Geames imply she's guilty. She sticks with her "a nanny did it" story. When Goren says they know she wasn't with Marla during Skip's murder Eleanor calls her daughter-in-law "white trash." She fidgets and Goren deduces from her high blood pressure medication that she'd also be on medicine that would make her need to go to the bathroom frequently. She's unwilling to use any bathroom but her own, so Goren believes she couldn't have made the long drive to kill the first victim.They switch focus to oppressed Marla. At her house, her husband says she left her baby alone in the crib with a note that she was going to the preschool because she thought he got in.Geames go there and soon find Marla in a room with several kids who appear to be sleeping. Goren takes a step toward her and she pulls a gun. A kid makes a noise and Goren gets Marla into the adjoining room where the admissions director and a teacher are tied to the chair. In the other room, Eames wakes the kids and quietly ushers them to safety. Marla commands Goren to sit, he tries complimenting her. He asks her how she ended up in New York. She came from Kentucky to be a dancer. She's crying about how hard life is in the city, how she has no one to talk to. She talks to the nannies in the park. She feels responsible that her kid was rejected. She threatens to kill herself. She doesn't understand how Eleanor can love her child but not her. With a gun to her head, Goren tells Marla her son needs her. "You're irreplaceable," he tells her. She relaxes and gives him the gun. Goren grabs her, officers come in and take her away.

Directed by Kevin Bray  

Starring Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, Eric Bogosian, Jessica Walter, Sarah Jane Morris, more...

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