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Drama/Crime/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2008, 55 min.

Synopsis Eames and Goren wrap up a successful interview. Capt. Ross tells them to take a day.Goren's brother Frank shares in an NA meeting.Goren leaves flowers on his mom's grave for her birthday. He finds a framed photo of two young boys laying there.Frank has dinner with a woman who asks if his brother can help him. Frank says there's some bad blood there. She gives him an envelope and he says he never should have let her go. He goes to pay at the register and is told the blonde woman who just walked out left something there for him.Bobby looks through a photo album at pictures of his mom. He flashes back to a memory of Frank telling him about a weekend he took care of him when he was seven and Bobby was four.Bobby calls Frank, who doesn't answer because he's getting high.There's a knock at Frank's door. He puts down the pipe and answers. It's the blonde woman - Nicole Wallace, Bobby's nemesis.Bobby walks by Frank's building and sees cops out front. One tells him a junkie jumped. Bobby rushes back and finds his brother dead under the sheet.Bobby talks to the detectives. One tells him they found $800 bucks in his pocket. They ask if he thinks there's more to it. He says he didn't keep in touch.Bobby discusses things with Eames, wondering where Frank got the money from. Eames says she'll talk to the captain and will make sure they do a real investigation.Ross and Eames check out Frank's apartment. Eames finds a note about meeting Evelyn for coffee. Bobby, waiting outside, says it could be the Evelyn Frank has a son with. They meet with her. Frank told her he needed money for their son to get a lawyer. Evelyn tells them about a blonde leaving her number for Frank at the shop. She says Frank didn't know where their mother was buried.At the station, Bobby looks at the framed photo of them and says Frank wouldn't have bothered with a frame. There were no fingerprints on it, though.They visit with Rodgers, who says Frank had sex before he died (except she describes it using the word "urethra") and, along with crack, there was a paralytic drug in his system. He was murdered. He was injected with something - Bobby recognizes the method as Nicole Wallace's M.O.Nicole sends flowers to Goren with a card that says "Oh, this is this the poison of deep grief." She signs it with a kiss as we flash back to her telling him, the last time they caught her, that this isn't the end for her.Eames and Goren brief Ross on Nicole's murderous history, including that they haven't seen her in three years. He says they can't work the case, but he'll let them try to find her since she jumped bail.Ross holds Eames back to ask if Goren is being paranoid and Goren shows Eames the flowers from Nicole. Goren recognizes it as being from Hamlet, a reference to a nephew.Goren gets a message that he's listed as an emergency contact for someone who's been hospitalized. Goren thinks it might be his nephew, but it's his mentor Declan, who has just been poisoned. He said it was a blonde woman. They find the syringe, half-full and then more flowers, signed this time.They visit the florist, who says she sent another bouquet to Phoenix, where the girl Nicole once took care of lives. They visit her. She says Nicole sent something for Bobby: a photo of his nephew saying "Tit for tat; blood for blood."He notices it's postmarked Pittsfield, Mass. - where Melville wrote "Moby Dick," the novel she once taught as a professor.Goren and Eames visit a bed and breakfast where the manager is expecting him. His room is ready and there's a package for him.He contemplates it a moment before opening it. It's marked perishable. It's a human heart.Goren is sure it's his nephew's heart. But back at the station, Rodgers says it's not his - it's Nicole's. Goren's not buying it. He's sure Nicole's out there and has his nephew, Donnie. Rodgers ran the test three times.Ross talks with Rodgers alone. She tells him Goren asked her to run a DNA test of his DNA and a serial killer his mom had a relationship with. Ross talks to Eames about it, asking her to prove Goren had nothing to do with the recent murders. Ross thinks that info might have made him snap.Goren picks Declan up from the hospital. They realize Bobby's being set up. (Declan also mentions his serial killer daughter Jo is fine, they spend more time together now. "She an interesting case.")Eames presents Goren's cell phone records, showing no suspicious calls, to Ross. He's skeptical. The forensic accountant comes in and they find Frank had a $500,000 life insurance policy. The beneficiary is an alias Goren used once undercover. Ross is ready to go upstairs with the info. Goren walks in, angry that they're looking at him. He's insulted that they think he could kill someone. Ross lists off the stressful things that have happened to Goren recently, including his father. Goren asks if he got that info from his girlfriend (character backstory alert!). Goren throws the DNA results at them. The serial killer was his dad. Eames says they have to talk to the surviving victim, Declan.They tell Declan Nicole isn't a suspect in his attack - her heart was post-marked before his attack. Declan says there would have to be some sort of major incident in his life to make him turn into a killer this late in life.Ross gets a message and races downstairs to find Goren yelling at Rodgers for breaking his confidentiality.Eames drags him out of there and says she was trying to clear him, that he's being set up.Goren goes to visit Jo Gage. But he can't see her because she's in a coma. The morning her father visited her they found her in her cell, she'd bitten her tongue off and lost a lot of blood.Ross brings Declan in to talk to Goren. Declan suggests Eames is guilty. Goren says it's not her.Declan knew about Bobby's paternity test. He says the test explains Bobby's life, why his mother's husband didn't love him and why their mother preferred his brother.Declan says the people in Bobby's life failed him while he tried to help them. Declan says it's like he did for Jo, the daughter he helped raise into a serial killer by exposing her to gore and psychos . Bobby mentions that he knows Jo's in a coma. Declan says he didn't want to upset him by telling him, he had enough going on.Bobby says Declan is good, for a man with "diminished capacity." He asks if Jo's refusal to meet with him is what pushed him over the edge.Goren accuses him of killing his brother. Declan says it was Nicole.She found him after he wrote a book about female serial killers, including Nicole and his daughter. Declan confesses, pleased with himself, explaining how he manipulated Nicole. He says Frank was dragging him down and Bobby was the son he never had. "I wanted you to engage again, so I gave you a puzzle to solve, to play," Declan says as if he's being helpful.He says Nicole's last words were: "Tell Bobby, he's the only man I ever loved."Declan asks him who he's going to miss more: Nicole or his brother. He says he wouldn't have killed Donnie even if he'd found him, because that wouldn't have "helped" Bobby."I wanted you to have a clean slate," Declan says. "You're free now."

Directed by Norberto Barba  

Starring Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, Eric Bogosian, Olivia d'Ab, Daniel Oreskes, more...

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