Last of the Mobile Hot Shots

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Drama, USA, 1970, 100 min.

Synopsis Although dying of cancer and habituated to marijuana, Jeb Stuart Thorington, the last scion of a distinguished Louisiana family, searches for money to restore the family mansion, Waverly. During Happy Couple Time on Rube Benedict's television show he marries topless dancer Myrtle, the sole surviving member of an Alabama female quintet, The Mobile Hotshots. Upon arrival at the dilapidated estate the newlyweds are greeted by Rube, the black caretaker. Although Myrtle is eager to have sex with Jeb, she accepts his impotence philosophically. Jeb, however, is enraged by his affliction; he is intent on begetting a child in order to prevent his black half brother Chicken from inheriting Waverly. Anxious to repossess a covenant he has made with Chicken, Jeb instructs Myrtle to ingratiate herself with the black. Consequently, his bride bestows her sexual favors upon his brother. Armed with a pistol, Jeb surprises the lovers, but collapses from exhaustion. When Jeb orders Chicken to burn the agreement, the black reveals that he is the offspring of Jeb's mother and Rube the custodian, rather than the bastard of Jeb's father and an anonymous black woman, as was assumed. As Jeb dies of shock, the levee breaks, obliging Chicken and Myrtle to ascend to the roof of Waverly for refuge and sexual fulfillment.

Directed by Sidney Lumet  

Starring James Coburn, Perry Hayes, Robert Hooks, Reggie King, Lynn Redgrave

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