Lady Tubbs

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Comedy, USA, 1935, 69 min.

Synopsis Although Henrietta "Mom" Tubbs is a boisterous and well-loved cook for a railroad construction camp, Edward J. Fishbaker, the camp's owner, refuses to respond to her requests for camp reforms. Mom gets word from her niece, Wynne Howard, in New York that she is about to become engaged to Phil Ash-Orcutt, son of the Ronald Ash-Orcotts of Long Island, and wants her aunt present when she says yes. As Mom is about to hop a train East, Wynne notifies her that the engagement is off because Phil's parents want him to marry within his class. Mom decides to go anyway, then gets a visit from British barrister Sir Elyot Wembsleigh, who informs her that an old friend of hers has died and left her half a million dollars. Elyot agrees to help Mom acquire culture in a quick tour of Europe, and the arrival in New York of "Lady" Tubbs is announced in the newspapers. Although Phil's mother Alice continues to scorn Wynne in favor of Jean LaGendre, Phil's friend from childhood, she invites Wynne and her aunt to her estate for a weekend of fox hunting. Ash-Orcott, who owns a railroad, hopes to conduct a merger with Fishbaker, and has invited him to the hunting party. Also in attendance is the snooty Lord Abernathy, "Master of the Fox Hounds," who explains how to spot a fake aristocrat in a fox hunt. Meanwhile, Mom prepares herself by reading fox-hunting books. After insulting Wynne, Jean gives Mom a temperamental horse, and when the hunt starts, the horse nearly outraces the hounds and throws Mom over a log. Characteristically unwilling to take the hunt seriously, Mom hails a roadster that is equipped with a horse trailer and wins the hunt. Elyot then learns that the Ash-Orcotts' railroad stock is worthless, and Mom reports their insolvency to Fishbaker. When Mom then reveals who she is, Fishbaker agrees to her camp reforms. Although Jean witnessed Mom's unorthodox way of winning the hunt, Mom confesses that she cheated to the Ash-Orcotts before Jean can accuse her and admits she is really a cook. Elyot then reveals that not only are the Ash-Orcotts not blue-bloods, but they are related to the best wiener makers on Long Island. Fishbaker puts through Mom's reforms, and she marries Elyot and becomes a real lady. Wynne and Phil also marry and leave for a honeymoon in Honolulu.

Directed by Alan Crosland  

Starring Alice Brady, Douglass Montgomery, Anita Louise, Alan Mowbray, June Clayworth, more...

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