La esposa virgen

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Romance, Mexico, 2005, 45 min.

Synopsis Shortly before dying, general Francisco Ortiz marries Virginia and names her the only heiress. Virginia and her small brother Diego arrive at the town of San Francisco de Arenales to attend the general's funeral. She is accompanied by the nephew of general, captain Fernando Ortiz, who at first despises Virginia, thinking that she is ambitious and married his uncle only because of his money. All residents of the town think of her the same way, the only people who receive Virginia amiably is the municipal president, doctor Jose Guadalupe and his wife Blanca, who is lethally ill. Fernando's mother Aurelia, with the help of Cristobal, tries to rob from Virginia the fortune that she has just inherited. Aurelia will do everything possible to force Virginia leave the ranch. Aurelia's hatred becomes even greater when she realizes that her son Fernando has fallen in love with Virginia, although she sees him only as a friend. Virginia and Blanca become very good friends. Blanca is aware that Jose Guadalupe cheats on her with an egoistic and ambitious woman, Olga. She also knows she is going to die soon and fears what will happen to her husband and her daughter Ofelia after her death. Virginia and Jose Guadalupe fall in love, but it is a prohibited love, since Virginia doesn't want to betray her friend Blanca. Virginia will now have to fight against the hatred and ambition of Aurelia and Cristobal, and against her own feelings for Jose Guadalupe.

Directed by Miguel Córcega, Alberto Díaz, Édgar Ramírez  

Starring Adela Noriega, Jorge Salinas, Natalia Esperón, Sergio Sendel, Arleth Terán, more...

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