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Directed by
Neal Ahern Jr.

Lynn Marie Latham
Diane Messina Stanley
David Jacobs

Produced by
Michael Filerman
Mary Catherine Harold
David Jacobs
Lawrence Kasha
Lynn Marie Latham
Bernard Lechowick

Original Music by
J.A.C. Redford
Kennard Ramsey

Craig Denault
Robert F. Sparks

William Devane Gregory Sumner
Kevin Dobson M. 'Mack' Patrick MacKenzie
Michele Lee Karen MacKenzie
Pat Petersen Michael Fairgate
Michelle Phillips Anne Matheson
Larry Riley Frank Williams
Ted Shackelford Gary Ewing
Nicollette Sheridan Paige Matheson
Joan Van Ark Valene Waleska
Lorenzo Caccialanza Dimitri Pappas
Stacy Galina Kate Whittaker
Lance Guest Steve Brewer
Kathleen Noone Claudia Whittaker
Lar Park-Lincoln Linda Fairgate
Thomas Wilson Brown Jason Lochner
Rosalind Cash Witness
Geoffrey Rivas Mendoza
Mark Haining Mort Tubor
Rick Podell Man
William Bronder Mr. Walsh
Victoria Ann Lewis Peggy
Mary Gregory Dr. Stanwhich
Magda Harout Owner
Christopher Durmick Bureau Employee
Marion Yue Passenger
Don Perry Passenger
Bernadette Bowman Client
Jack L. Harrell Client
Anthony S. Johnson Client
Marcy Goldman Client #4

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