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Directed by
Morgan J. Freeman

Morgan J. Freeman

Produced by
Ralph R. Cioffi
Gill Holland
Sloane Klevinová
Lillian LaSalle
Jamin O'Brien
Matthew Parker
Shawn Chadwick Parsons
Rick Reid
Michael Romero
Christopher Woodrow

Original Music by
Britta Phillipsová
Dean Wareham

Yaron Orbach

Mark Webber Daniel Carter
Antonio Ortiz Boone
Rosie Perez Mrs. Ponders
Brendan Sexton III Grant Bills
Dylan Blue Christopher
Cory Broadwater FBI Agent #3
Mia Clarke Diner Patron
Roxanne Fox Charlotte
Joel Garland Truck Driver
Peggy Gormley Social Worker
Maria E. Heredia Principal's Assistant
Bill Ladd Carnie Worker
Bruce MacVittie Bill Carter
Adrian Martinez Glen Garcia
Allen McCullough Detective
Devin McGee Cop
Chris McKinney Highway Patrol
Shaun O'Rourke Police Officer #1
Shawn Chadwick Parsons Crenshaw
J.R. Rodriguez Fair Officer #1
Frankie Shaw Brenda
Phyllis Somerville Judge
Margaret Turner Social Worker
Douglas C. Williams NYPD Officer
Bruce Williamson Motel Clerk
Renee St. Gelais Fair goer
Pat Yeary Restaurant Patron

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