Journal of a Crime

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Drama, USA, 1934, 65 min.

Synopsis Paul Moliet, a playwright, is in love with Odette, the star of one of his plays. Odette has used him to further her career and now threatens to end their affair if he does not divorce his wife Françoise. Paul attempts to tell Françoise, but she is determined to hold on to her husband. She goes to the theater, shoots Odette, and escapes without being seen. A man named Costelli is arrested for the crime, but Paul discovers his own revolver backstage and confronts Françoise. She refuses to confess and although Paul stays with her, she manages to visit Costelli before he is guillotined and confesses to him that she is guilty. Because he is responsible for another murder, he gallantly confesses to hers as well. Guilt overcomes Françoise, though, and she decides to confess, but on the way to the prosecutor's office, she is struck by a car when she tries to save a child from being hit. When Françoise recovers, she has lost her memory. Paul, who has now fallen in love with his wife, realizes she has regained her lost innocence and takes her to a villa by the sea where she can recuperate and be happy.

Directed by William Keighley  

Starring Ruth Chatterton, Adolphe Menjou, Claire Dodd, George Barbier, Douglass Dumbrille, more...

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