Joan of Arcadia

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Drama/, USA, 2003, 60 min.

Synopsis Millions of people speak to God. What if God spoke back? Life just got a hell of a lot more confusing for teenage Joan Girardi, who already deals with feeling out of place in her family : her police chief father, her somewhat overbearing mother, her geeky younger brother and former football star older brother, now paralyzed. They'd never believe her if she told them that God is talking to her. Does Joan have a higher purpose on earth, or are these strange conversations just in her head?

Directed by Rob Morrow, Helen Shaver, Timothy Busfield, Jerry Levine, Alan Myerson, Joanna Kerns, Bethany Rooney, Graeme Clifford, Michael Fresco, David Petrarca, Peter Levin, Ron Lagomarsino, Steve Gomer, Martha Mitchell, James Hayman, Kevin Dowling, Elodie Keene, Gloria Muzio, Jack Bender, Joshua Brand, Neal Israel  

Starring Joe Mantegna, Mary Steenburgen, Amber Tamblyn, Jason Ritter, Michael Welch, more...

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