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Crime/Drama//Sci-Fi, Canada, 2011

Synopsis A break in a six-month cyber crime investigation leads Michelle (Lauren Lee Smith) and Dev (Rainbow Sun Francks) to pursue a reckless hacker, Bennie (Devon Bostick). When Michelle and Dev question him, Toby (Craig Olejnik) "listens" and reads someone in Bennie's mind known as "Jericho-11." Surveillance on Bennie leads Michelle and Dev to a female blogger known as "Hack Grrrl." To avoid tipping her off to an investigation, Michelle and Dev send Toby in undercover to meet her. A telepathic read of "Hack Grrrl" leads them to Peter Duquette (Aaron Ashmore), a cyber security expert. With millions of social insurance numbers potentially at risk of identity theft, Klein (Peter Stebbings) and Michelle alert Kenneth Niles (Michael Dyson), a Revenue Canada security consultant. When Peter's name is mentioned in connection to "Jericho-11," Niles reveals Peter is a paid consultant to the agency. "Hack Grrrl" arranges for Toby to meet with Peter at Peter's condo and, while they meet, Dev plants a surveillance program in Peter's computer system. As Dev digs through Peter's system, Toby does some digging of his own and concludes "Jericho-11" may not be a hacker but a target - a computer built for Revenue Canada to store and back-up data in the 1980s. When Klein discovers the computer's files are slated for destruction, Michelle, Dev and Toby must act quickly before millions of identities are compromised. Meanwhile, Oz (Ennis Esmer) is paired up with a new drop-dead gorgeous recruit, whose attraction to Oz threatens his ongoing relationship with Sandy (Tara Spencer-Nairn).

Directed by Farhad Mann  

Starring Craig Olejnik, Lauren Lee Smith, Enis Esmer, Mylene Robic, Peter Stebbings, more...

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