James Bond 20

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Action/Adventure/Crime/Thriller, UK/USA, 2002, 123 min.

AKAs D.A.D. / James Bond 20

Tagline Events don't get any bigger than...

Synopsis In the pre-title sequence, James Bond and his two South Korean allies infiltrate a North Korean military base belonging to Colonel Tan-Sun Moon, an army officer who is illegally selling weaponry in exchange for African conflict diamonds. Bond poses as a weapons dealer, rigging his briefcase of diamonds with C4. He meets Moon and his assistant, Zao. After the diamonds are handed over, Zao discovers Bond's true identity and informs Moon. Fearing retribution from his father, General Moon, the Colonel then flees in a large hovercraft. Bond detonates the C4, embedding several diamonds in Zao's face. He then steals another hovercraft and chases Moon, who tumbles into a waterfall. Soon after, North Korean troops capture Bond under General Moon's orders and he is imprisoned and tortured.Fourteen months later, Bond is released in exchange for Zao, who was captured during that time. He is sedated and taken to meet M, who informs him that his status as a 00 Agent is suspended due to her belief that he may have leaked information under duress. Still bitter over Zao's release, Bond decides to complete his mission by evading MI6's security and travels to Cuba. He traces Zao to an island called Isla Los Organos, known for its gene therapy "Clinic" which allows patients to have their appearances changed. On the coast, he meets a NSA agent Giacinta 'Jinx' Johnson. With her help, Bond locates Zao's room inside the clinic and briefly tortures him. Zao flees in a helicopter but leaves behind a pendant. Bond opens it and finds a cache of diamonds identified as conflict diamonds from Africa, but bearing the crest of the company of British billionaire Gustav Graves.Bond locates Graves at a fencing club in London. The two engage in a duel of swords, the fury of which is escalated when the two men raise the stakes and injure each other. Bond wins the match. Graves invites Bond to a party he is holding in Iceland for a scientific demonstration. Bond also meets Graves' fencing partner, Miranda Frost, a former Olympic athlete.In a disused London Underground station, M restores Bond's Double-0 status and offers assistance in the investigation. Bond learns that Frost has been recruited by MI6, but she has failed to uncover Graves' connection to Zao. Bond takes Graves up on his earlier invitation, and arrives at his ice palace in Iceland where he meets Jinx again. Later Graves begins a demonstration of his new orbital mirror satellite called "Icarus", which is able to focus solar energy on a small area and provide year-round sunshine for crop development.At midnight, Jinx infiltrates Graves' command center in the palace, but is captured by Zao. Bond meanwhile has figured out that Graves is Moon with a new identity. Moon reveals that Frost is a double agent. Bond narrowly escapes from Graves' facility in his car. Zao gives pursuit in his Jaguar XKR, and both cars drive inside the rapidly-melting ice palace. Bond kills Zao by luring him under a collapsing chandelier, and then rescues Jinx from drowning.Deployed at the South Korean border, Bond and Jinx infiltrate North Korea using experimental stealth sleds and parachutes. They follow him into his airplane, which is also carrying General Moon (unaware of his son's new identity), his lieutenants, and Frost. Graves reveals the true purpose of Icarus by using its solar beam to cut a swath through the minefield in the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Once the minefield is destroyed, North Korea will have a clear path to invade South Korea, Japan, and other countries. Icarus would also destabilize the western nations by destroying any WMD fired on North Korea. Graves wears a sophisticated armor with a built-in remote control, which operates the satellite. In an attempt to preserve peace, General Moon holds his son at gunpoint, but Graves disables him with the suit then shoots him.Bond advances to kill Graves, but is thwarted when one of his soldiers attacks Bond, deflecting his shot into a window, and causing the plane to depressurize. Jinx manages to stabilise the plane, but is attacked by a sword-wielding Frost, who forces her to switch the plane to auto-pilot. Whilst doing so, Jinx alters the plane's heading so that it is flying directly toward the Icarus beam. During the climatic sword fight, Jinx kills Frost with a knife. In the plane's nose, Graves gains the upper hand over Bond and puts on a parachute. However, Bond pulls Graves' ripcord, causing the parachute to open prematurely, so that the slipstream pulls Graves out of the plane and one of it's turbines. With the suit destroyed, Icarus instantly shuts down. Bond and Jinx escape from the plane in a helicopter it was carrying. The two of them share a romantic interlude in a remote cottage, pouring over the diamonds they retrieved from Graves' plane.

Directed by Lee Tamahori  

Starring Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry, Toby Stephens, Rosamund Pike, Rick Yune, more...

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