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Directed by
Edward Zwick

Writing credits
Lee Child

Richard Wenk
Edward Zwick
Marshall Herskovitz
Lee Child

Produced by
Tom Cruise
David Ellison
Herb Gains
Dana Goldberg
Don Granger
Christopher McQuarrie
Paula Wagnerová

Original Music by
Henry Jackman

Oliver Wood

Tom Cruise Jack Reacher
Cobie Smulders Susan Turner
Robert Knepper General Harkness
Danika Yarosh Samantha Dayton
Ninja N. Devoe Female MP
Aldis Hodge Espin
Holt McCallany
Madalyn Horcher Sgt. Leach
Chase Savoie Guard
Sue-Lynn Ansari D.O.D. Girl
Patrick Heusinger The Hunter
Teri Wyble Mrs. Prudhomme
Billy Slaughter
Jason Douglas Sheriff
Michael Papajohn DC Policeman
Abbie Gayle Senior Girl #1
Wolfgang Stegemann Prada
Sabrina Gennarino Candace Dayton
Tiffany Forest Girl at park
Rebecca Chulew Driver
Nicole Barré Mircovich
Starlette Miariaunii Black and White Angel
Sam Medina DC Policeman #2
Anthony Molinari Buzzcut
Hunter Burke Bridge
Allyson Leigh Jordan Airline Passenger
Judd Lormand Diner Cop
Gregory Schwabe Military Police Officer
Ben VanderMey Parasource Gate Guard
Sean Boyd LT. Decoudreau
Austin Hebert Prudhomme
Sarah Kate Allsup Military
Giovanni Silva Lead MP
Steven Grossman Parade Spectator
William Schaff Mall Shopper
Rachel Varela Senior Girl 2
Divine Prince Ty Emmecca Witch Doctor Voodoo Chief
Robert Catrini Colonel Moorcroft
Christopher Heskey Staff Sgt. Logan
Alexandra Lucchesi Mexican Girl #3
Marisela Zumbado Mexican Girl #2
Jared Bankens Junkie
Jenny Ballard Parasource Tech
Taylor Faye Ruffin High School Student
Lizeth Hutchings Mexican Girl #1
Rusty Bourg Staff Sgt. Logan
Gary Wayne Loper Tourist
Diane Mozzone Midwest Tourist
Theo Kypri Passenger
Craig Henningsen Young MP
Tom Archdeacon FBI Lead
Dalton Alfortish Parasource Operative
Gordon Alexander Contractor 1
Josh Stephenson Sgt. Anderson
Ronald Joe Vasquez Bus Passenger
Robert Larriviere Hotel Receptionist
Jesse Malinowski Military Aid
Tia Nicholson Bumble Bee at Parade
Talbott Lin Shop Owner
John R Mangus Military Contractor
Charles Barber Military Police
Evan George Vourazeris Bus Passenger
Ellen Crouch D.C. Pedestrian
Daryl Thibodaux Lt. Mosely
Kyler Porche Male MP
Tony Beard Criminal Defense Attorney
Mike R. Moreau DC ERT Police
Patrick Kearns Military Police Officer
Joshua Breslow Corporal Faraday
Robert John Gilchrist Ghoul
Georgia Hays Sales Girl
Cynthia LeBlanc Restaurant Patron
James Donald School Staff
Artie Mozzone Tour Group
Stephen Payne Airport Pedestrian
Rhonda Laizer Airport Employee
Michelle L. Clarke Airline Passenger
Darcel White Moreno Appoline
Alexander Christopher Sergeant Wyman
Christopher Gulas D.C. Pedestrian / Krewe of Boo / Airport Traveler
Tracy B. Mann Military Police Officer
Sean Maurice Williams DC Pedestrian
Steve Kish EMT
Laura Woodworth Norfolk Mom
Levi Bowling Military Officer
Kerry Sims Reading News Paper
Michael J. Bradford Airport Passer-by
Martin Covert Art Teacher
Tyler Dietrich Intelligence Officer
Dave Ellis Grim Parade Spectator
M. Serrano Cibelli
Stephane Fiossanangaye Dred
T.J. Werner DC Metro Police
John Phillip Yates Bus Passenger
Chris Angerdina Pedestrian
John L. Armijo Military Police
Eric Berris DC Pedestrian
Timothy Carr Military Police
Juan Gaspard Indigent Homeless
Tahseen Ghauri Diner Patron / Pedestrian
Elton LeBlanc Restaurant Patron
Diezel Ramos Military police
Jack Teague Diner Patron
Jesse Yarborough Pedestrian

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