Seriously, All Coma Proposals Aside...

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Drama/Comedy, 2001

Synopsis Jack tells the girls Jill announced he will propose to her and already asks Audrey as maid of honor and Elisa as bridesmaid. Jill confesses to the boys he hasn't got a clue how to make his proposal romantic enough after building up her expectations for too long, and he promised the best man's job to a high school ball team friend, Duncan Crookston. Looking for his passport in the safe, Barto drops a ring he presumes Jill's for Jack, but Jack makes him show it 'to prepare a happy reaction'; when Jill makes his speech, more romantic then any stunt, and proposes with another ring, she's totally startled and seems disappointed. Barto and Audrey frolic but aren't ready for intimacy again. When Jill finds out Duncan is in jail, Mikey presumes he'll be best man, preoccupied only with the stag night stripper; when Jill reports Jack's apparent disappointment about the ring, Barto tells she saw him; Jill realizes it's another one and tells Jack he bought that one for Elisa; in the end both girls understand. The question why he asked Duncan in high school, weird for boys, makes David admit he considered proposing to his then girlfriend Jenny; Jack calls him a 'serial engager', he retorts she even got Danny to the altar and lived together with Matt; Elisa makes her realize Jill only actually proposed to her. When Barto sighs he told Audrey he's an all-or-nothing man but she failed go for all of him, Mikey consoles Barto saying he is to be best man, with Mikey as honorary best man in charge of the bachelor night. Jack takes Jill to a pawn-shop to settle the rings issue.

Directed by David Petrarca, Stephen Cragg, Mel Damski, Dennie Gordon, Bruce Seth Green, Michael Katleman, Alan Myerson, Patrick R. Norris, Bethany Rooney, Lev L. Spiro, Kristoffer Tabori, John Whitesell  

Starring Ivan Sergei, Justin Kirk, Simon Rex, Rhasaan Orange, Sarah Paulson, more...

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