Chess Lessons

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Drama, 2004

Synopsis Bobby is determined to repay chancellor Peter Benedict for 'saving his life' by doing chores, even if it turns out harmful for him or the home, till Benedict discovers him as talented chess partner and promising pupil instead- until he's caught losing on too respectful purpose, but Bobby is soon back bursting with belligerent confidence. While Tom persists in asking Grace's pointless 'academic advice', Jack is furious to desperate when she insist to make his social nightmare come true: meeting girlfriend Missy's non-revolutionary parents reverend and Evelyn Belknap at their dinner table, a recipe for religious war, while disloyal Marcus asks Courtney to a frat party, only to be ignored there. Afterward Jack tells his high, haughty ma what an inept, inconsiderate cow she was, as always, and tells her to but out; next morning she asks him to help her stop smoking weed for real. When she tells Tom to take another tutor because she's romantically attracted, he replies he therefore already took another, they kiss.

Directed by David Petrarca  

Starring Christine Lahti, Matt Long, Logan Lerman, Jessica Paré, Edwin Hodge, more...

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