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Directed by
Sam Wood

Writing credits
Marie Belloc Lowndes

Charles Bennett

Produced by
William Cameron Menzies
Sam Wood

Original Music by
Daniele Amfitheatrof

Russell Metty

Joan Fontaine Ivy Lexton
Patric Knowles Roger Gretorex
Herbert Marshall Miles Rushworth
Richard Ney Jervis Lexton
Cedric Hardwicke Insp. Orpington
Lucile Watson Mrs. Gretorex
Sara Allgood Martha Huntley
Henry Stephenson Judge
Rosalind Ivan Emily
Lillian Fontaine Lady Flora
Molly Lamont Bella Crail
Una O'Connor Mrs. Thrawn
Isobel Elsom Miss Chattle
Alan Napier Sir Jonathan Wright
Lois Austin English Lady
Lydia Bilbrook Mary Hampton
Matthew Boulton Tom Lumford
Colin Campbell Chaplain
Paul Cavanagh Dr. Berwick
David Cavendish Guest
Herbert Clifton Bates
Claire Du Brey Shopkeeper
Alan Edmiston Jenks
Ella Ethridge Guest
Herbert Evans Deck Official
James Fairfax English Newsvendor
Jean Fenwick Guest
Bess Flowers Set Rehearsal
Mary Forbes Lady Crail
Art Foster Constable
Gerald Hamer Man from Paris Office
Lumsden Hare Dr. Lanchester
Holmes Herbert Mulloy
James Logan Aviator
Charles Mendl Sir Charles Gage
Harry Hays Morgan Lord Ventner
Gavin Muir Sergeant
Manuel París Cook's Tour Guide
Elsa Peterson Yacht Guest
Leonardo Scavino Dock Worker
C. Montague Shaw Stevens
Wyndham Standing Asst. Chief Justice
David Thursby Groves
Norma Varden Joan Rodney
Eric Wilton Steward

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