Inspector Morse

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Drama/Crime/Mystery, UK/USA, 1987, 120 min.

Synopsis In this police series, situated in the stately area around Oxford, the mild mannered but nevertheless very thorough Chief Inspector Morse and his trusted colleague Detective Sergeant Lewis solve many murder mysteries. Every episode (of about 100 minutes) shows a complete story.

Directed by John Madden, Anthony Simmons, Sandy Johnson, Roy Battersby, Antonia Bird, Stuart Orme, Stephen Whittaker, Charles Beeson, Robert Knights, James Scott, Jim Goddard, Peter Duffell, Peter Hammond, Herbert Wise, Adrian Shergold, Alastair Reid, Danny Boyle, Colin Gregg, Brian Parker, Edward Bennett, Jack Gold  

Starring John Thaw, Kevin Whately, Colin Dexter, James Grout, Peter Woodthorpe, more...

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