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Produced by
Sally Daws
Stephanie Gibbons
Sue Keeton
Ned Martel
Kenna McCabe
Ryan Murphy

Paolo Andino Lawyer
Isabella Balbi Kourtney Kardashian
Morgan E. Bastin Khloe Kardashian
Nicolas Bechtel Rob Kardashian
Tom Beyer Paparazzo
David Bickford Michael Baden
Selma Blair Kris Kardashian Jenner
Cory Blevins Divorce Lawyer
Joseph Buttler Polygraph Examiner
Christiann Castellanos Marcia's Assistant
Kelly Dowdle Nichole Brown Simpson
Ethan Flower Patrol Officer
Cuba Gooding Jr. O.J. Simpson
Kelsey Griswold Dominique Brown
Steve Humphreys Officer
Paul H. Kim Henry Lee
Claude Knowlton Doctor
Jake Koeppl Ron Goldman
Jun Hee Lee Dennis Fung
Ken Lerner Horward Weitzman
Brad Light D.A. Lawyer
Bill Lippincott Detective
Maryann McCrary Juditha Brown
Brandon Morales Arresting Cop
Corey Mendell Parker DJ Todd
Angie Patterson Paula Barbieri
Andrew Patrick Ralston Dr. Saul Faerstein
Asia Monet Ray Sydney Simpson
Valeri Ross Eunice 'Mama' Simpson
David Schwimmer Robert Kardashian
China Shavers Shirley Simpson
Hudson West Travis Clark
Tye White Jason Simpson
Jenna Willis Tanya Brown
Beau Wirick Allan Park
Ben Zelevansky Dog Walker

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