In Treatment

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Drama, USA, 2008, 25 min.

Tagline One doctor. Five sessions. Five nights a week.

Synopsis A psychotherapist , Paul (Gabriel Byrne), treats three new patients a season, two on Monday nights and a third on Tuesday when he, also, sees his own psychotherapist, Adele (Amy Ryan, new in season three replacing Diane Wiest from season 1-2). This is a change in format from season one when it was shown on five consecutive nights. The patients are varied ranging in age from elderly people to juveniles with family, career, romantic, and other life problems which are usually resolved by season's end.In season two, Paul (Byrne) wrestles with life changes arising from his divorce. His move from the family home in Maryland to Brooklyn, NY brings with it's own set of new problems. There he has started a practice with new patients working from an office in his apartment.Season three finds him with a new therapist, Adele (Amy Ryan) because his former therapist (Wiest) has closed the door on any new sessions and has written a book that Paul feels portrays him in a very demeaning way. A new issue has arisen in season three regarding his possible inheritance of the Parkinson's gene from his father as he believes he is exhibiting symptoms now. He also develops an attachment of sorts to Adele which she may or may not share. Paul dates a much younger woman, Wendy, but doesn't seem to have formed a strong bond with her. His teenage son, Max, has come to live with him in Brooklyn and Paul has difficulty communicating with him.In season three Paul struggles with his three new patients: Sunil (Irrfan Khan), Frances (Debra Winger), and Jesse (Dane DeHaan). Sunil has come from India to live with his son's family where he feels he has now lost his dignity. He and his daughter-in-law cannot get along and differ on most subjects. Frances (a famous actress) has a sister dying and she can't seem to cope with it, nor her own fears of developing the breast cancer that has killed her mother and now her sister. Jesse is an adopted teenager whose birth parents are trying to contact him. He has been in conflict with his adoptive parents as he questions his sexual identity.Paul has difficulty keeping a distance with his patients becoming very emotional about their situations. He tries to convey this to his therapist who seems cold and inflexible.

Directed by Patricia Rozema, Alan Taylor, Richard Schiff, Michael Pressman, Joshua Marston, Warren Leight, Norberto Barba, Chris Misiano, Ali Selim, Ryan Fleck, Jim McKay, Melanie Mayronová, Rodrigo García, Courtney Hunt, Jean De Segonzac, Terry George, Hagai Levi, Paris Barclay  

Starring Gabriel Byrne, Dianne Wiest, Michelle Forbes, Blair Underwood, Mia Wasikowska, more...

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