Duplicate Bridge

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Drama/Crime/Mystery/Thriller, 2009, 43 min.

Synopsis At the scene of a the Beaumont Bridge collapse in Omaha, Nebraska. Reporters accost the designer, Norman Baker, asking what could have gone wrong. He says he doesn't know.Five months later he testifies in court, with Marshall and Mary looking on. He testifies that he later found out that the bridge came down because some of its parts were of lesser quality and not to his specifications. The defendant glares at him as the defense lawyer points to Baker's signature on the plans. He says it's not his.The defendant Carl Hogeland, denies he did anything wrong. Baker testifies he went into witness protection because the day after the collapse Carl came to him and said they could either get on the same page or Baker would disappear.Norman Baker enters the program as Norman Danzer.Mary and Marshall take Norman out of court. He wants to stay for the verdict, but they try to prepare him for life as Norman Danzer.A news report announces that Carl was found not guilty. Norman is shocked. On TV, Carl says Norman made a mistake. Norman uses big engineering words to explain to Marshall how he didn't mess up, clearly bothered that his name hasn't been cleared.Norman asks to go to the bathroom but shortly after they find him on the balcony. He explains that standing in high places helps him build bridges in his mind to relax. No, he's not planning on killing himself, he says. Why would he, he didn't do anything wrong? he says.Present Day Mary and Marshall arrive at work, where Eleanor is very excited to show off her brand new stapler. Marshall shares her enthusiasm. Sexy office supplies. A package arrives for Marshall. It's ribs for Norman from Omaha. Marshall is going to visit him and, using ribs as a lure, gets Mary to go along.He's not eager to see them. They invite themselves in under the guise of ribs but aren't happy to find a model of a bridge and signed plans with his old name on them. They take them and some of the ribs.The next day, Mary comes out to find Brandi picking her teeth next to a plate of rib bones. She needs Mary's help with a paper for English class, in which she has to write from the point of view of a family member, but Mary is busy.At work, Marshall gets an alert from the Albuquerque PD that Norman's car was found abandoned on a bridge. Suicide is suspected.At the scene they find a suicide note in his glove compartment. Marshall doesn't think it seems right.They go back to the office to run down possible suspects. Hogeland's at the top of the list along with Thomas Hanson, a man who lost his wife and child in the collapse and another victim who threatened Norman once.Marshall checks out Norman's house. All his folders and files are missing. He finds a wooden box with a note from Norman inside, telling him the drafting tools and the stereo are for him. Marshall starts to believe Norman might have really killed himself.There's a ring at the doorbell. It's a young woman looking for Steven Mayberry. She describes someone who looks like Norman and works at Chemicals & Toxins and has for nine months. She says he quit two days ago. She has his stuff from his locker. Norman's face is on the ID badge.At the office Mary and Marshall go through Norman/Steven's things. Marshall now thinks he was up to something and wouldn't off himself in the middle of a plan. Eleanor reports that Norman's bank records show he withdrew $60,000 two days ago. And Stan says a flight manifest show Steven Mayberry flew to Omaha that morning. The memorial for the one year anniversary of the bridge collapse is the next day.Off to Nebraska they go. Mary and Marshall visit Carl Hogeland, telling him they think he's in danger. He declines protection and insists on going to the memorial.Brandi calls Mary, feeling stood up. Mary tries to apologize, but gets hung up on.Carl gives a speech at the memorial the next day as Mary and Marshall and a few other agents try to look inconspicuous. They spy a man putting together what could be a rifle sight and take him down. It's a photographer. Carl's peeved they ruined an important day for him.Marshall gets a call. Norman's been arrested. They go to get him. But it's not Norman. It's Thomas Hanson dressed in Norman's clothes. At first, he denies being Hanson. Then he tells Marshall that a month ago Norman showed up on his doorstep to apologize. He says Norman must have left his jacket then and that's how he ended up in it. Marshall points out that might be believable, but he saw Norman in the same jacket two days ago.Thomas says Norman came to see him the night before. He said if Thomas did this, all the families hurt by the bridge collapse would get their justice. Mary and Marshall are called to Hogeland's office, from that diversion. It has been ransacked. And Carl is missing.They call Brandi to have her look at the plans in Mary's trunk. They have the name of Norman's first bridge.Mary and Marshall race there to find that Norman has tied Carl to the bridge and is holding a gun on him, refusing to let him go until he tells the truth. Then they see he's holding a trigger switch. The bridge is rigged with explosives. Norman has a video tape set up on Carl. He shoots his ear to get him to talk. Carl says his contract included a $1 million early completion bonus. He changed the plans so that he could get the bridge finished on time. He says he's truly sorry, even if Norman doesn't believe him.Norman cuts Carl loose, but keeps his hand on the blast switch. He faces the camera. He says after a year of research he found that Carl was right in that the bad materials weren't the only cause of the collapse. He used the wrong numbers and that contributed to the collapse. He's designed 26 bridges in his career, including the one he's standing on, also built with the same wrong numbers he's always used. He says unfortunately he'll have to leave the demolition of the others to someone else.Marshall tries to talk to Norman, saying we all fail at times. He chokes up, asking Norman not to quit. Norman starts counting down from ten, saying he can't go from being someone who was never wrong to someone who was never right.Marshall looks fondly and hopelessly at his witness. He says to Mary that it's time to go. Mary can't believe Marshall is quitting. She tries to talk to Norman, saying she's not going. But Marshall says it's time. He knows his witness. He drags Mary away as Norman counts down "two, one..." and the bridge goes up in a spectacular explosion, taking Norman -- and only Norman -- with it.On the drive home, Marshall helps Brandi complete her paper, talking for Mary, saying that Mary doesn't understand that failure is a part of life. The part that teaches us things and the part that hurts.

Directed by Bryan Spicer  

Starring Mary McCormack, Fred Weller, Nichole Hiltz, Paul Ben-Victor, Clarke Peters, more...

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