Husband's Holiday

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Drama, USA, 1931

Synopsis George Boyd has been having an affair with Christine Kennedy, and finally confesses to his wife Mary, who as it turns out, has known for some time. Although George moves in with Christine, Mary refuses to grant him a divorce, believing his love affair is trivial in comparison to their marriage, for which she has worked so hard, and their children, Anne and Philip. Mary's mother is against her decision, after having divorced Mary's father because of his one-night affair. Mary refuses to divorce even after Christine lies that she is pregnant, and tells Christine she should not use sex as a weapon to destroy her home. Mary finally gives in, however, when her sister, Cecily Reid, admits that she is in love with a married man, and that when the love is true, it is a miserable existence. George is saddened by Mary's change of heart, and is even less sure of himself when the family lawyer, Andrew Trask, informs him of his intention to marry Mary. Christine throws a dinner party to introduce George to her friends, but he arrives late in a foul mood. After the guests depart, Christine realizes that George is still in love with his wife and attempts suicide. Christine survives, and George renews his promise to marry her. During Christmas, Christine gives a note to George to give to Mary, telling him it is a thank-you note for a plant that Mary had given her. When Mary opens the note, however, she learns that Christine has left town, admitting that George has always been in love with her. Mary informs George she has no intention of marrying Trask, and after he reads the letter, he reaffims his love for Mary and reunites with her.

Directed by Robert Milton  

Starring Clive Brook, Vivienne Osborne, Charles Ruggles, Juliette Compton, Harry Bannister, more...

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