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Drama/Comedy/, USA, 2010, 30 min.

Synopsis "Hung" - "Beaverland" - August 8, 2010Jessica hears a noise in the night and heads to the basement to find a beaver. Since it's strange for her part of town neither Ronnie nor the kids really believe she saw it. The kids are also bickering in the wake of the poetry slam incident. Ray wants to know what's up since they always get along but they won't confess. They do tell him about the imaginary beaver though and he tells them to let Jessica know he'll bring over his beaver traps. He says he can't tell her himself because things are currently strained between them. The kids deduce this is because Ronnie wants a baby and wonder why Ray cares. He says he doesn't.Tanya meets with Francis to apologize about the Mike mix-up but it turns out that Francis liked Mike back. Just not in the same way. But what she really wants is Mike as a weekend companion is willing to pay $1500 a weekend for unlimited access. Tanya is flabbergasted, accepts and goes to Ray to get him to get Mike on board. Ray refuses even as Tanya waves the cash in his face. She wonders why he wants to sabotage all his clients. They both wonder what Mike has that he doesn't.After refusing to apologize to Ray for simply being Jessica's friend - she didn't know Ray was her ex until after the fact- she sets him up with a woman who has long had trouble enjoying sex. She figures since Ray is an expert he can solve her problem. He says he's the right man for the job but it turns out she's simply a "human ice cube" and stops the show before either of them can finish.Jessica and Lenore go out for drinks and when Lenore lets slip a little too much information about Ray, she covers by saying she ran into him and thinks he's a hot, real man and wants to date him if it's okay with Jessica. Jessica gives her blessing but is obviously upset and rethinking Ray.That night she hears the beaver again and leaves a message for Ray asking him to bring over the traps. He does and they chit chat while he sets them up in the woods near Jessica's house. At one point she notices his shirt is inside out and asks him to switch it so she can see him shirtless. Ronnie comes home shortly thereafter with "humane" traps, which he calls far superior to Ray's clap-traps which offer a "clean kill." Ray points out that the traps Ronnie got often malfunction only breaking the beaver's legs forcing a person to shoot the creature or bash it over the head. Ronnie asks Ray to leave.Tanya goes to Charlie to carp about Ray's reluctance to bring Mike on board. She also confesses guilt over taking Francis' money. He counsels her to forget guilt and, while in a pawn shop, buy a gaudy diamond necklace that is very expensive.Tanya promptly takes the necklace to one of her mother's frou frou intellectual dinner parties, this one celebrating her rise to chair of her department, and gives it as a gift. Her mother rebuffs it and tells her to save her money.Tanya says she's got a new job putting a new twist on an "old industry" and it's going very well and she can afford it. When her mother and friends inquire Tanya won't spill and her mother mocks her yet again. Incensed, Tanya grabs the $800 restaurant tab, opens up a wad of cash, proclaims she's a "baller" and plunks down the money in a fit of pique.Ronnie and Jessica sit on the patio when they hear the beaver trap engage. As Ray suspected it only breaks his legs so Ronnie goes to bash its head in with a shovel.

Directed by Lisa Cholodenková  

Starring Thomas Jane, Jane Adams, Eddie Jemison, Charlie Saxton, Sianoa Smit-McPhee, more...

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