Good Vintage

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Comedy/Drama/, 2010, 24 min.

Synopsis Ben and Cam have a hard time finding enough vintage 50% cotton t-shirts to print Crisp's Japanese order of 300 on. Ben is too often on the phone and takes time off without permission, so he ends up fired from his clothes sales job, but gets the t-shirts by inadvertently seducing salesgirl Julie. After a hot night he can't remember due to his hang-over, Darren sweetly insists on driving her to her next appointment. Warned by his confessor, René confronts Flaco, knocks him down like in their school days but end sup believing he didn't steal the cash.

Directed by Jonathan Levine  

Starring Bryan Greenberg, Victor Rasuk, Lake Bell, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Shannyn Sossamon, more...

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