How to Get Away with Murder

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Drama/Crime/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2014, 43 min.

Synopsis The first eight episodes alternate between small flashes of events happening on December 12th,2014 (the night of Sam Keatings' murder) and the main part of that episode. This main part of these episodes takes place some weeks before December the 12th (a countdown is shown in each episode).At the start of the semester, Professor Annelise Keating tells the students she will teach them "How to Get Away with Murder". Based on the proposed defenses in the first case offered, Keating selects five students who will help her in her real life law practice. These five are Connor Walsh, Michaela Pratt, Asher Millstone, Laurel Castillo and Wes Gibbins.The body of a fellow student named Lila Stangard, who was missing for several weeks, is found in a water tank. Prime suspects are her boyfriend Griffin O'Reilly and Rebecca Sutter. The latter lives in the same building and on the same floor as Wes Gibbins. Over the course of the weeks Rebecca and Wes fall in love. Rebecca is a suspect because she was caught having sex with Lila's boyfriend. To the audience, she is even more suspect because she has got Lila's phone, which she hides in Wes' bathroom. Lila's phone contains a sexting picture sent by Sam Keating to Lila. In the picture he is identified by the wallpaper in the Keating bedroom.Wes convinces Professor Keating to defend Rebecca in the murder case. During the investigation, it is revealed that Lila Stangard was having an affair with Professor Keatings husband Sam Keating, that she was pregnant and that Sam Keating tried to conjole her into having an abortion.On the night of the murder: - Sam and Annelise had a vicous fight about their respective affairs.- Police officer Nate Lahey sends Rebecca into the Keating house to download the data of Sams smartphone from his laptop.- At the same time, Michaela wants to return a stolen trophy.- Wes discovers Rebecca's plans annd follows her to the Keating house along with Connor and Laurel.Sam discovers the intruders and thinks Rebecca wants to steal data. He chases her upstairs and a fight ensumes. During the fight Michaela pushes Sam over the bannister and he falls and appears to be dead.A few minutes later, while the team discusses what to do next. Sam suddenly leaps up and starts strangling Rebecca. Wes grabs the trophy and hits Sam, who is now really dead. All five students run out into the woods but decide to return to the house and dispose of Sams body.The body is rolled into a carpet and shoved into Connors car. As they leave the house they are nearly caught by a campus guard, but saved by a campus party. The body is brought into the woods and burned; the remains are put into plastic bags and thrown into a dumpster. Somewhere Michaela loses her engagement ring.Annelise is complicit in the murder. She discovered the body when she came home and is the mastermind of the plan to get rid of the body. In order to get herself an alibi she drives to her lovers house and has sex with him. The team creates an alibi for themselves by joining the campus party and taking selfies.In court, Annelise proves that Sam was the father of Lila Stangards baby and shows him driving to the murder location on the night of the murder, where he was for nineteen minutes. Based on this evidence the charges against Rebecca are dropped.In episode eleven Hannah Keating (Sams sister) shows up. She is convinced that Anelise either killed Sam or is complicit in the murder. Annelises' apparent lack of grief when the body of Sam is found at the end of the 11th episode is all the more proof for her. The team of studens is trying to cope with the events. Mutual distrust and emotional breakdowns start to occur.In the 12th episode, Hannah testifies in court about an alleged death threat which Annelise would have made three years earlier. Based on this testimony the Keating house is searched and sprayed with luminol. Due to a vigorous scrubbing by Annelise no blood traces are found.Sams wedding ring is found in the woods behind campus. On it is a fingerprint, which matches Nate Lahey's. He is arrested.In the 13th episode, the mother of Annelise Keating visits. In Annelise's absence, Bonnie Winterbottom narrowly wins a rape case with the help of her students. It is revealed that Annelise was abused by a family member, whom was killed by her mother by setting fire on the family residence.Wes and Laurel visit the mental hospital where Rudy (the former occupant of Wes' room) is held. When shown a picture of Rebecca, he says "Wet". The episode ends with Rebecca checking for Wes' location by means of tracing his cell phone.On the last (double) episode we learn that Lila was killed by Frank Delfino, an emloyee in Annelises form, on request of Sam. Rebecca had become wet because she hid in the water tank with Lila's body. Rebecca threatens to betray the group to the police and is found dead in the cliffhanger moments of the episode. Her killer is yet unknown.

Directed by Michael Katleman, Sharat Raju, Michael Smith, Kevin Rodney Sullivan, Jann Turner, Paris Barclay, Hanelle M. Culpepper, Cherie Nowlan, Nicole Cumminsová, Lexi Alexanderová, Nzingha Stewart, Jonathan Brown, Marta Cunningham, Jet Wilkinson, Zetna Fuentes, John Terlesky, Randall Zisk, Stephen Williams, Eric Stoltz, Mike Listo, Laura Innesová, Debbie Allenová, Bill D'Elia, Michael Offer, Kevin Bray, Stephen Cragg, Jennifer Getzinger, Rob Hardy, Scott Printz  

Starring Karen Cabrera, Viola Davis, Billy Brown, Jack Falahee, Aja Naomi King, more...

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