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Directed by
Beata Ziel

Beata Ziel

Produced by
Rob Shaftel
Steve Schwartz
Melissa Rafford
Matthew P. Hickey
Luke Ellis
Beth Dietrich

Original Music by
Guy Thomas

Dylan O'Brien
Rob Massey
Brandon Green
Brooks Ferrell

Gabe Doran Himself - Narrator
Glenn Bannister Himself - Managing Director, Morton Bahamas
Chuck Carden Himself - Director of Operations, Tampa Bay Water
Stefano Dukcevich Himself - President, Daniele, Inc.
Vlado Dukcevich Himself - Chairman & CEO, Daniele, Inc.
Jeanette Googe Herself - Quality Control Mgr., Morton Salt
Heather Groll Himself - Lab Technician, MATCO Services
Richard L. Hanneman Himself - President, Salt Institute
Richard Kaner Himself - Professor of Chemistry, UCLA
John Kanzius Himself - Inventor
Myron Marcotte Himself - Mining Supervisor, Hutchinson Salt Mine
Jimmie Oxley Herself - Professor of Chemistry, University of Rh

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