Canning Randy

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Comedy/Drama/Romance/, USA, 2010, 30 min.

Synopsis Ted teaches class, dressed as a hot dog and tosses candy out to the students. One of the students calls him "the coolest." His friends mock him when he tells them the story at the office Halloween party. Barney loves the office Halloween party, "because it's so much sluttier than the office Christmas party."Barney's colleague and occasional emergency wingman, Randy (Will Forte), is upset when he learns Robin won't be coming. Lily tells him she might come by later and he decides to hang out longer.Old Ted says he and his friends are big fans of the morning after Halloween parade as (semi-) costumed ladies head home from wherever they ended up the night before. As they watch the ladies walk by the apartment building, Barney wonders if it gets "any better than this.""Yes," Ted says. "Yes, it does."Up walks Robin with her makeup smeared and a nurse's cap on her head.Later, Robin doesn't want to talk about it. Ted hopes she isn't hooking up with her co-anchor again, but when Robin reminds them her new co-anchor is a woman Barney asks her to tell them she is hooking up with her co-anchor. This brings us back to Becky, Robin's co-anchor, who has taken to doing commercials on the side despite Robin's insistence that she won't be taken seriously as a journalist (she dances around saying, "Boats," in an ad for a boat show). But when it becomes clear that Becky's co-workers like her more than Robin, Robin worries about being liked.When Robin says Ted doesn't have to worry about it because everyone loves him at his job, Ted reminds us that people are protesting his new project: The GNB headquarters. GNB has taken to making TV ads about how they care about the community. Barney wants Marshall to say the line, "I care about making dreams come true" for the ad, but Marshall refuses, saying GNB fires people too easily and doesn't care about anyone.This leads to Marshall arguing with Randy about how he shredded documents that Marshall needed to have sent to the downtown office. Marshall tells Barney he won't fire Randy because he wants to be the person at GNB who doesn't fire people at will.Lily presses Robin about who she slept with and Robin refuses to tell her. Later, Ted is teaching his class and is shocked to see Zoe.Zoe starts asking questions about The Arcadian, getting his other students on board with questioning his efforts to tear down a great, old building. Lily can relate to having a shut down a troublemaker. She tells Ted about a kid in her class named Johnny, and she uses car alarm noises to shut him up when he misbehaves.Marshall shows up at the bar upset that he had to fire Randy for having shredded one too many documents (one of them twice). Barney pops champagne t celebrate Marshall's bold move and says Randy was "an embarrassment." This leads Lily to the conclusion that Robin slept with Randy. She deduces that Robinw as vulnerable and drunk when she got to the GNB party."Thats --" pausing for a moment ... "exactly what happened."Marshall has a nightmare about having fired Randy and tells his boss the next day that the firing was a mistake. Marshall says Randy needs to be "fixed" not fired (this is a reference to his boss' solution when his dog needed to calm down). Marshall says they should help and nurture employees when they screw up, rather than fire them.Zoe has fully turned Ted's students against him, so he goes ahead and tries Lily's trick of making the car alarm noise. It works.Randy shows up happy at the bar and Lily brings up how he slept with Robin on Halloween, but he says he didn't. Randy says he's happy because he got fired and is planning to use his severance check to start his own brewery, Wharmpess Beer (it's his last name). Then Marshall finds him at the bar and tells him he isn't fired, prompting Randy to fall to his knees and cry to the heavens in sorrow.Ted shows up to class and his students aren't there -- they're protesting outside the new GNB headquarters.Randy tells Marshall he wants to be fired for the check, but Marshall refuses. Marshall says he'll never fire Randy, or anyone. Randy sets out to make Marshall fire him, by trashing his office and throwing beverages in Marshall's face.Ted calls Lily, who tells him that the only people who like their teachers "are dorks." She tells him to play into his students' fear of him. He walks over and tells them anyone not in class the next day gets an F.Robin shows up at the bar and Lily wants to know who she slept with. Robin finally admits she was making a TV commercial for "Neat & Discreet Adult Diapers," in which she plays a nurse. She says she hopes they'll never use it, and Old Ted tells us it ran for seven years.Randy apologizes to Marshall for trashing his office and hands Marshall one of his beers, which Marshall says is delicious. Marshall finally agrees to fire Randy so he can go live his dream of opening a brewery and "now you can enjoy a Wharmpess at every bar," Old Ted tells us.Marshall finally records his line for Barney's TV ad: "I care about making dreams come true."

Directed by Pamela Fryman  

Starring Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, more...

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