Horrible Bosses 2

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Comedy, USA, 2014, 108 min.

Synopsis The movie picks a little bit after the the first installment. Nick, Kurt and Dale have quit their old jobs and hit quite a break by inventing a shower head product. But the father-and-son crooked businessmen Bert and Rex Hanson swindled them off their own company. The three again think of a crime to exact vengeance on the Hansons. Failed at murder attempts, they turn to kidnapping the son Rex to be held at ransom against Bert. They first sneak into the place of Julia, Dales old boss. Julia comes unexpectedly so Kurt and Dale, who Julia already knew from the first movie, hides in the closet. Nick sacrifices himself to satisfy Julias addiction problem so that Kurt and Dale can escape unnoticed. They sneak into Rexs house with a stash of nitrogen supposedly to gas the owner. But as usual, a mishap occurs, releasing the nitrogen on themselves inside Rexs closet. The next day, Rex pulls a gag on them and then quickly escalates the situation, forcing the three to continue on the kidnapping plan, only with Rex in on it too. Rex marks up the ransom from half a million to five million dollars, claiming that his father will cooperate and not call the police. But the opposite happens as Detective Hatcher suspects the three for the kidnapping.They eventually slide away with it and Rex assists them in making a supposedly fool-proof plan.The plans key is that they would fool the police in doing the ransom drop. Instead of pointing Bert to a drop point, they would kidnap Bert in the drop point while Kurt disguised as Berts body double goes and supposedly continues on to the real drop. They execute the drop plan, and another stupid clumsiness happen where Kurt misplaced the untraceable phone with his own. Already knowing about the break-in at her place, Julia comes to Nick, Kurt and Dales meeting place. They finally subdued her and continue on with the plan. As planned, Bert goes to the basement parking lot where the three hold him at gunpoint. But he doesnt surrender the money. Suddenly Bert gets shot from behind by Rex who then reveals that hes framing the three for the murder and kidnapping. As Rex escapes, Madafaka Jones, whom the three had again consulted about the kidnapping plan beforehand, comes and take them with his car. He tells them to race Rex to the kidnapping spot warehouse. They made it to the warehouse just narrowly after Rex sets himself up as the kidnapping victim, framing the three as police arrive. But Kurts phone, which Rex took from Berts hand, rings. The three appeals to the police in why didnt Rex call the police if he had a phone with him all the time. Defeated, Rex quickly grabs Detective Hatcher hostage. In panic Dale attacks him but Rex shoots him. Det. Hatcher quickly subdues Rex amidst the chaos.

Directed by Sean Anders  

Starring Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, more...

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