His Secretary

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Comedy, USA, 1925, 70 min.

Synopsis Ruth Lawrence, a plain and severe girl, works as a stenographer for the firm of Colman and Sloden, and quietly she falls in love with David Colman, the handsome junior partner. Sloden's wife catches him flirting with his beautiful secretary, and, as a joke, Colman arranges for Ruth to accompany Sloden on a business trip to Washington. Ruth overhears Coleman remark that he would not kiss her for $1,000 and, stung to the quick, goes to a beautician who transforms her into a beautiful young woman. Colman falls for her, and Ruth arranges a little practical joke on him: when he kisses her, she has the janitor walk in on them and claim to be her husband. Ruth extorts $1,000 from Colman and then, letting him in on the fun, declares her love for him.

Directed by Hobart Henley  

Starring Norma Shearer, Lew Cody, Willard Louis, Karl Dane, Gwen Lee, more...

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