High Pressure

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Comedy, USA, 1932, 72 min.

Synopsis With the help of Mike Donoghey, wealthy Mr. Ginsberg searches for promoter Gar Evans. Ginsberg owns a process for making rubber out of sewage, and Donoghey has convinced him that Gar is the best promoter in the world. After Gar sobers up, he agrees to take on the project. He arranges a good deal on a prestigious building for company headquarters, hires an impressive looking man to act as the company president and starts to sell stock. The only thing missing is the presence of Gar's girl friend, Francine Dell. Although he considers her his good luck charm, she is fed up with his schemes and plans to marry a wealthy South American. Eventually, she succumbs to Gar's entreaties and signs on as his secretary. While Gar holds inspirational meetings for salesmen, the company stock sells rapidly and everything looks good until the rubber industry sends an investigator. Gar must prove that they can really make rubber from sewage, but the inventor of the process is missing. In the meantime, to prove that he really loves Francine, Gar turns over his shares in the company to her. Ginsberg finds the inventor, who is not only a fake, but crazy as well. Gar refuses to run out on the company, however, and plans to return at least a portion of the invested money until a lawyer from the rubber company offers to buy them out. In order to sell, Gar must get the stock certificate back from Francine, who is leaving town to marry her South American. He finds her in time and obtains the certificate. Then he begs her not to leave. She agrees to marry him, but as they leave, Donoghey proposes another new deal. At first Gar resists, but as Francine listens resignedly, he starts to plan his new campaign.

Directed by Mervyn LeRoy  

Starring William Powell, Evelyn Brent, George Sidney, John Wray, Evalyn Knapp, more...

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