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Drama/Romance, USA, 1952, 80 min.

Synopsis As Hiawatha and other members of the Ojibway tribe hunt for deer, they come across a hunting party of Illinois in their territory. Hiawatha removes his bow and arrow to talk to them in peace and the Illinois group leader begins to do the same, but Pau Puk Keewis, a hot-headed Ojibway, shoots the Illinois group leader, precipitating a battle. After the Illinois are run off, Pau Puk argues that he saved Hiawatha's life. At a village meeting, Pau Puk contends that the Illinois and Dakota are planning a war. He is chosen to lead a scouting party to Illinois territory, but objects to being accompanied by Hiawatha, because he is not experienced or pure in Ojibway blood. Megissogwon, the chief, sends Hiawatha, who is puzzled by Pau Puk's remark, to scout Dakota territory. Before he leaves, Hiawatha's grandmother Nokomis reveals that his father was a stranger from another tribe, whom his mother Winona chose to marry. After living together happily, Hiawatha's father left Winona while she was pregnant to return temporarily to his own people because his father, the chief, died. Winona died of grief while waiting for his return. Hiawatha now decides to kill his father, but Nokomis warns him to forget about vengeance. On the scouting trip, Hiawatha is attacked by a bear and rescued by Lakku, an arrow maker of the Dakota. Lakku's beautiful daughter Minnehaha, obeying her father, nurses Hiawatha and they fall in love, despite her initial suspicions that he is a spy. After Lakku tells Hiawatha that the Dakota have no plans for war and gives him arrows as a gift for his chief, Hiawatha promises Minnehaha he will return before the leaves fall. On his way home, Hiawatha sees a war party of Illinois heading to Ojibway territory to avenge killings committed by Pau Puk. After killing an Illinois scout, Hiawatha warns his people, and the Ojibway repel the Illinois attack. Soon after, Hiawatha is welcomed to a place among the chieftains. When Hiawatha relates that he intends to marry a Dakota maiden, Pau Puk, now also a tribal leader, encourages the council to ban him. Hiawatha vows to marry Minnehaha even if they have to live alone without a tribe, but the council gives their consent. Hiawatha returns for his bride and they build a lodge together in Dakota territory, then return to Hiawatha's village for the marriage feast. The feast is disrupted when the body of Hiawatha's dear friend Kwasind is brought in. Pau Puk charges that he was killed by the Dakotas, but Hiawatha refuses to blame the entire Dakota Nation. Minnehaha is shunned by the Ojibway women, but convinces Nokomis of her love for Hiawatha. As winter approaches, Pau Puk blames the poor corn harvest on the fact that Kwasind's murder has not been avenged. He encourages his people to raid the Dakota buffalo and dried meat stores, but Minnehaha protests that her people would give the Ojibways food if they knew it was needed. Hiawatha proposes they send his friend Chibiabos to arrange a meeting between the two peoples, and Megissogwon agrees. On the way, however, Chibiabos is killed by Pau Puk with an arrow made by Lakku. The Ojibway now prepare for war, and when Hiawatha still does not give his consent, Nokomis reveals that the Dakota chief, Mudjekeewis, is his father. Hiawatha then goes to kill his father. Brandishing a knife, Hiawatha awakens Mudjekeewis and they fight. The chief gets hold of the knife and prepares to kill Hiawatha, when Hiawatha reveals his identity and accuses him of killing his mother. Mudjekeewis explains that when he was made chief, the council would not permit him to return. He resolved to find a way, but gave up after learning of Winona's death. Mudjekeewis denies that his people killed Kwasind or Chibiabos and promises to give the Ojibway food. Hiawatha now realizes that Pau Puk killed his friends. As Pau Puk leads the Ojibway to attack, Hiawatha and the Dakota approach unarmed. To prove Pau Puk's guilt, Hiawatha asks Pau Puk for the arrows he brought back from Lakku, and after Pau Puk says they were lost while hunting, they fight. Hiawatha kills Pau Puk with a knife and peace is achieved.

Directed by Kurt Neumann  

Starring Vince Edwards, Yvette Duguay, Keith Larsen, Morris Ankrum, Eugene Iglesias, more...

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