Chapter Four 'Hysterical Blindness'

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Drama//Sci-Fi/Thriller, USA, 2009, 43 min.

Synopsis "Heroes" - "Chapter Five: Hysterical Blindness" - Oct. 12, 2009Tonight's focus is on Claire, the Petrellis, Sylar, and the carnies.We pick up where we left off with Sylar busting out of his shallow grave. He staggers down the road bloody, dirty, and confused. A cop, played by Ernie Hudson, pulls up beside him, takes in his appearance and arrests him.At the station Sylar can't remember anything from who he is or how he got into the woods. Ernie Hudson wants to beat it out of him but he brings in a psychiatrist, Dr. Gibson, who for some reason is British. She's all touchy feely and wants to help Sylar figure out who he is. She cleans him up, gives him some tea, and starts having him do memory exercises. As he closes his eyes he can hear that the clock on the wall and her watch are out of phase. She thinks he's had a traumatic experience and his mind isn't allowing him to process it.Ernie Hudson comes back and has her step out. Turns out they got at hit on his fingerprints and it turned up Gabriel Gray, who is still wanted for killing his mom way back when. Ernie goes in to confront Sylar who says he can't remember anything but he knows he hasn't killed anybody. (Hee). Ernie turns off the camera so he can beat a confession out of him but Sylar freaks and sends Ernie through the wall. He looks at his hands all mortified and psyched.Dr. Gibson is getting in her car when Sylar comes up and basically carjacks her by guilting her saying she said she would help him. Plus, he has a gun. They drive for awhile and she's a little freaked out but- only like someone would be on TV- still interested in helping him. She tells him to turn himself in. The police pull up behind them and Sylar holds up his hands. But before he can surrender he gives off a little electrical flash on his hands and Ernie Hudson plugs him full of holes. The shots take Sylar over the embankment and he knocks into Dr. Gibson sending her hurtling down as well.When they stop rolling they get up, Sylar stands, lifts his shirt and the bullets pop out and his body heals before her eyes. She's all "WTF?!" He's all "I don't know?" The police start closing in and she tells him to run. He does.Peter is trying to have lunch with his mom because he's been told that he hasn't been making good human connections of late. But she's distracted because he also invited Nathan and he hasn't shown up. Peter is trying to tell her how he feels but she's not paying attention at all. He gives up and says he has to go to work. She gives him a kiss and tells him he works too hard and he zips off.On his way to work he literally runs into Emma, the deaf file clerk who sees sounds as colors. Her mother, Louise Fletcher, had previously been trying to convince her to re-start her residency but Emma says she's happy filing. Her mom tells her that she needs to stop blaming herself for "what happened" to someone named Christopher. She says she doesn't feel guilty and stalks off.She runs into Peter when, as she's walking down the street in silence she keeps seeing colorful swirls: around police lights and a jackhammer. She's so taken aback by what she sees that she stumbles into the street. Just as she's about to get hit by a bus Peter speeds up and whisks her to safety. She wanders away. He tries to speed off but for some reason his legs won't move fast.He later catches up with her at the hospital. She's sitting in a common room where a group of cute kids is singing the theme song to "The Greatest American Hero." He starts to see the colorful swirls of sound. (He can only have one power at a time now) He notices Emma also looking into the air and she mimes to ask if he sees it too? He says he does. After the choir finishes he goes to talk to her and realizes she's deaf. She reads lip. He tries to explain that there are others with abilities. She's confused as he start talking about flying and time travel so she has him write it down. She says that's crazy. He points out so is seeing sound. They sit down at the piano and play a duet, both seeing sound.When Peter gets home, Hiro teleports into his place and promptly collapses.Later, when Emma gets home there is a cello there. She plays it, so emphatically that she somehow creates a vibration that puts a crack in the wall. We are shown that she has a degree from Arlington University.Which is where Claire is, excitedly telling Gretchen how psyched she is to be living a normal life, sitting in a dining hall, cooking up a plan to be whoever she wants to be. Just then a voice says "Claire Bennet?" It's a sorority gal, asking Claire to pledge, it's the same sorority that her mom belonged to. Gretchen's all "pass" but Claire wants to give it a try.They go to open rush together and it's a speed-dating type of event where they each sit down with sorority gals and talk about themselves. As Claire goes along she discovers that Gretchen has been talking mostly about Claire instead of herself, which she finds odd.Later as they're about to go to a sorority mixer Gretchen has borrowed a sweater of Claire's without asking. Which she finds irritating. As Gretchen goes to the rest room to freshen up a book falls off her shelf and clicks her computer screen to life. Claire notices her Facebook page is up. She clicks through what Gretchen's been looking at and it's all weird Claire-stalker stuff, murder-suicide info and other creepy stuff. When Gretchen returns Claire tells her to go on ahead without her since the point is to meet new people. Gretchen is confused but goes and Claire does more snooping in her computer.Later Claire arrives at the party and Becky, the perky sorority girl who recruited her, introduces her around. As she commiserates with another ex-cheerleader about quitting the biz - football is boring, they say- a flag pole comes flying down at them and Claire has to push the girl out of the way. They look up and Gretchen is leaning over the railing. Claire leaves.Still later back in their room Claire confronts Gretchen who denies trying to impale her and wonders why Claire thinks she would. To expose her freakiness to the world? Because she's psycho? Because she killed Annie? Claire doesn't know but she's upset the one person she trusted seems to be going off the rails. Gretchen tries to get mad Claire snooped. Finally she admits why she Google-stalked her: turns out Gretchen is no murderer, she has a crush on Claire and kisses her full on the mouth. Claire is flabbergasted. But before she can say anything the sorority gals show up with candles and invite both girls to pledge.Meanwhile down at the Sullivan Brothers carnival Samuel is babbling about adding new members to the family, making pronouncements at family dinners to the various carny family members how this is a great thing and that there are people out there like them and they'll all be together and it will be good. His tattoo lady wonders who it will be- the co-ed, the paramedic, the Strauss woman?- in a private moment and she realizes he doesn't know. He touches the ink to her body but no image appears. As a guy who controls the earth- as in dirt- he sells he'll just wait until the dust settles. He whips a cloth to one side and an invisible hand grabs it. As the person materializes, it's sorority girl Becky, she's a niece apparently. He asks if she's keeping an eye on Claire and separating her from people. Becky says she's been trying her damndest. We see her push Claire's first room mate out the window and leave the suicide note, drop the book on Gretchen's computer, knock off the flagpole while standing next to Gretchen. She rematerializes behind the group of girls heading off to pledge at the sorority house.Meanwhile as Sylar stumbles through the woods he comes upon the carnival. Samuel is at the entrance and welcomes him in saying he'll be safe there. Sylar wonders where he is. Home, says Samuel.The police, who were hot on his heels also stumble through the woods but when they reach the place the carnival should be all there is is more woods.

Directed by S.J. Clarkson  

Starring Masi Oka, Ali Larter, Hayden Panettiere, Greg Grunberg, Zachary Quinto, more...

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