Magic Hour: Part 2

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Crime/Drama/Horror/Mystery/Sci-Fi/Thriller/, Canada/USA, 2012, 60 min.

Synopsis Continued Audrey rushes to cradle Nathan's dead body while Tommy blames the shooting on Noelle, the troubled young woman who can bring people back to life.Realizing that Noelle is Nathan's only chance for survival, Audrey and Duke decide to track her down while Tommy tags along to keep up appearances and impede the investigation. When they can't find Noelle, they decide to let Noelle's boyfriend lead them to Noelle. Unfortunately, once they find the house where she's hiding, Tommy gets to Noelle first and kills her.Now that Noelle is dead, Tommy thinks he's going to get off Scott free but Audrey decides to find Moira and force her "trouble" to reveal itself. Then she can use Moira to heal Nathan. They split up: Duke and Tommy go one way while Audrey goes off on her own.Audrey finds Moira hiding out in a house and captures her. Scared for her life, Moira confesses everything she saw, including the fact that Tommy shot Nathan. Once she's convinced that Moira is telling the truth, Audrey asks Duke to keep Tommy away while Audrey tries to trigger Moira's trouble by showing her the dead body of her sister.Sadly, Moira's hate for her sister prevents her from feeling much of anything and the only way to know for sure if the trouble has been activated is to get Duke to test her blood. When Jordan shows up unexpectedly, Audrey recruits Jordan to bring Duke back. In the process, however, Tommy gets away.When Duke, Jordan and Audrey confront Moira, they learn that she hates Noelle because Noelle refused to save their father after a horrible car accident. Audrey, however, soon realizes that Noelle saved Moira's life on that fateful day. When she tells Moira, Moira is overcome with grief. All these years she never knew that Noelle saved her life. She suddenly feels the love for her sister that she never had and chooses to sacrifice herself to save both Noelle and Nathan.When Vince and Dave talk more about the Bolt Gun Killer, it dawns on them that he must have broken into their office to steal something elselike the keys to one of their many real estate properties. When they go to investigate, they run into Tommy who captures and tortures them for more information about Audrey.Hot on Tommy's trail, Audrey and Nathan show up just in time. Tommy runs for it and as Audrey and Nathan open fire, his boat explodes, killing him instantly. Later, Audrey asks Dwight to take Noelle and Moria away so they can start anew after Noelle brings Moira to life, of course.

Directed by Paul Fox  

Starring Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour, Richard Donat, John Dunsworth, more...

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