Have a Heart

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Drama/Romance, USA, 1934, 80 min.

Synopsis On the eve of her wedding, children's dance instructor Sally Moore entertains her finace, Joe Lacy, and his boisterous male friends in her apartment. Convinced that being photographed before the wedding will bring her bad luck, Sally runs playfully from a would-be cameraman to her balcony and, when the balcony railing gives way, falls to the street below. Sally survives the fall but is told by her physician, Dr. Spear, that because of damage to one of her knees, she must always wear an enormous orthopedic shoe. When Joe first sees Sally in the hideous shoe, he blanches, but assures her that he will do his duty and marry her. Sally, however, refuses Joe's forced charity and ends their engagement. Later, Sally catches the eye of ice cream vendor Jimmie Flaherty, who flirts with her through her apartment window. Unaware of Sally's condition, Jimmie asks her to go dancing the next night and, at the urging of her roommate, beautician Joan, she accepts. Sally then learns from Dr. Spear that a famous Viennese orthopedic surgeon will be coming to town for a brief stay and will do corrective surgery on her leg if she can raise five hundred dollars. At the same time, Jimmie is promoted by his boss, Schauber, to district manager of the Have a Heart ice cream company. Ecstatic, Jimmie borrows a friend's car and picks up Sally, who is standing on the corner wearing a big galosh on her good foot to match her orthopedic shoe. After Sally convinces Jimmie that dancing will bring them bad luck, the couple spends the entire evening driving around town. During their date, the hot-tempered Jimmie fights with a man in white shoes for kicking Sally's dog Mopsy, and Sally lectures him about controlling his anger. Later, Jimmie returns to the Have a Heart warehouse with Mopsy just as a robber is stealing from the company safe. As Mopsy barks at the burglar, Jimmie observes a silver dollar tattoo on the robber's hand, but is unable to stop him from fleeing with four hundred dollars. The next day, Sally sells four dozen dolls she has made to a neighborhood store and puts the money away for her operation. Jimmie then shows up unexpectedly at Sally's apartment and sees Sally's leg. To Sally's joy, however, Jimmie is nonplussed about her disability and assures that he still loves her. At that moment, Schauber arrives with two detectives and accuses Jimmie, who was seen at the warehouse by the night watchman, of the robbery. After Schauber tells him that if the money is returned within twenty-four hours, he will not be prosecuted, Jimmie is jailed. Desperate to free Jimmie, Sally gives Schauber her $400, but makes him promise not to tell Jimmie about the donation. Jimmie is released and learns about Sally's deed from Schauber's secretary, who implies that Sally suspects him of the crime. Unaware of the operation she has sacrificed for him, the prideful Jimmie denounces Sally and ends their romance in a huff. Joan and her lazy, unemployed boyfriend Gus then try to win the operation money in a gambling scheme, but their racehorse runs off the track just before the finish line. On the way out of the racetrack, however, Mopsy attacks a man in white shoes, who Gus discovers has a silver dollar tattoo on his hand. After Gus exposes the man as the robber and is made a police detective, Sally undergoes a successful operation. However, because Jimmie has taken a job on a steamer and is still angry with her, Sally's recuperation stalls. With help from Schauber, Gus and Joan, Sally eventually is reunited with an apologetic, wiser Jimmie and runs from her wheelchair into his arms.

Directed by David Butler  

Starring Jean Parker, James Dunn, Una Merkel, Stuart Erwin, Willard Robertson, more...

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