Gypsy Girl

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Drama/Romance, UK, 1966, 105 min.

AKAs Gypsy Girl

Synopsis Seventeen-year-old Brydie White has grown up slightly retarded in a rural English village ever since one of her playmates was killed seven years earlier by a loaded shotgun left lying around by his father, Edwin Dacres. Brydie's mother ignores her responsibilities by constantly drinking gin, and Dacres disguises his guilt by blaming Brydie for the death; likewise, she is shunned by most of the villagers and can only find solace in the churchyard cemetery by the boy's grave. One day she sees a youngster burying his dead mole in the graveyard and decides to do the same with two of her recently deceased pets; soon, to the consternation of their parents, other children follow suit, and the cemetery is filled with hundreds of tiny mounds. Her newfound acquaintances include Roibin, a gypsy boy whose caravan is visiting the village. One night the disapproving Mrs. White strikes Brydie, who then runs to the graveyard and encounters the drunken Dacres. When he threatens her with a gun, Brydie runs off, falls into a nearby river, and is rescued by Roibin, who hides her in the caravan. Brydie's disappearance causes Mrs. White to die of a stroke, and the villagers believe the girl should be placed in an orphanage once she is found. The local vicar decides otherwise, however, and defies convention by permitting Brydie to leave town with the caravan.

Directed by John Mills  

Starring Hayley Mills, Ian McShane, Annette Crosbie, Laurence Naismith, Geoffrey Bayldon, more...

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