Episode dated 9 August 1966

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Synopsis At Cedars Hospital 2nd Floor West, in Springfield, nurse Leslie Jackson answering the telephone at the nurses station flirts with Dr. Ed Bauer. Ed though ignores Leslie's attempts at flirtation. Papa Bauer arrives and tells Ed he needs to talk to him. Papa tries to get Ed to help his father, but Ed just shrugs off Papa's advice by telling him that he "has real ill patients" and that Bill is nothing but a lush. Afterwards, Papa and Leslie commiserate and Leslie admits to Papa how much she is in love with Ed, but Ed couldn't care a bit for her. Papa asks Leslie to be patient with Ed and that Ed will find that he needs her love.

Directed by Walter Gorman, Christopher Goutman, Nick Havinga, Andrew D. Weyman, Joseph K. Chomyn, Ted Corday, Adam Reist, Ellen Wheeler  

Starring Charita Bauer, Gillian Spencer, Theo Goetz, John Boruff, Stephen Brackley, more...

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