Episode dated 10 August 1966

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Synopsis At Cedars' cafeteria, candy striper Peggy Scott is advised by her friend and the young man she is in love with, hospital orderly Johnny Fletcher that she should confront her parents about what she overheard the previous evening about her father telling her mother that she has her "hogtied". Johnny's father, Dr. Paul Fletcher shows up and Peggy remembers she had to get back to her duties. Johnny tells Paul, after Peggy leaves, that Peggy is the only girl for him which surprises Paul seeing how Johnny is only 18 years old. Paul then tells Johnny he misses him while he is living with his Aunt Jane and Uncle George. Johnny says he won't return home, because of his step mom, Robin's continuing resentment of him. Paul asks Johnny to be patient with Robin because of Robin's recent miscarriage, and tries to convince an unbelieving Johnny that Robin wants him back, as well. Johnny refuses to budge, and doesn't believe that Robin is over her resentment and tells Paul he plans to stay indefinitely with his aunt and uncle. Johnny goes back to his duties, with Paul left very worried. Later, at Ben Scott's restaurant office, his daughter Peggy pays him a surprise visit. When Ben brings up that soon he will be able to take her, her mom and himself on the vacation to Canada, Peggy confronts him about the confrontation the previous night and Ben becomes very shaken.

Directed by Walter Gorman, Christopher Goutman, Nick Havinga, Andrew D. Weyman, Joseph K. Chomyn, Ted Corday, Adam Reist, Ellen Wheeler  

Starring Charita Bauer, Gillian Spencer, Theo Goetz, John Boruff, Stephen Brackley, more...

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