Guiding Light

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Drama, USA, 1952, 15 min.

AKAs Guiding Light

Tagline Life happens here.

Synopsis Guiding Light takes place in the fictional Midwestern town of Springfield. In its early years the stories centered on the middle class Bauer family, but later the wealthy Spauldings, Chamberlains, and Lewises, along with the working class Reardons and others, took their own places of prominence, though the Bauers remained the heart of the show.

Directed by Roy B. Steinberg, Christopher Cullen, Leonard Valenta, M.J. McDonnell, Joseph K. Chomyn, Ted Corday, Walter Gorman, Christopher Goutman, Nick Havinga, Andrew D. Weyman, Maria Macina, Gary Bowen, Sherrell Hoffman, Matthew Diamond, Harry Eggart, Gary Graham, John O'Connell, Scott McKinsey, Matt Lagle, Adam Reist, Robert Scinto, Brian Mertes, Tracey Hanley Bryggman, Ellen Wheeler, Rob Decina, JoAnne Sedwick, Joe Cotugno, Zetna Fuentes, Susan C. Strickler, Susan Flannery, Irene M. Pace, Bruce S. Barry, John Whitesell  

Starring Kim Zimmer, Robert Newman, Lia Yang, Ron Raines, Beth Chamberlin, more...

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