Over My Dead Body

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Drama/Horror/Mystery/, USA, 2012, 45 min.

Synopsis GrimmRenard gets a call at work. It's a woman who seems mighty familiar with the captain. She's back from overseas and wants to meet. At Nick's house, Juliette makes dinner for the pair. "I may never remember who you are, but I'd like to get to know who you are," she says. "I thought this would be a good place to start." Meanwhile, Monroe is also cooking dinner for Rosalee.Cut to a bar, where Angelina hustles free beers from a stocky man who's interested in more than drinks and dirty dancing. He follows her out to the parking lot, forces a kiss and reveals himself to be a Wesen. Angelina BASHES him in the head with a motorcycle helmet, reveals herself as a Blutbad, and tears out the man's throat. Suddenly, a dark figure steps in behind her and holds a gun to her head. Angelina is trapped.At Monroe's house, he shows off his antique family clocks to Rosalee while she sips wine. Renard eats dinner at a restaurant with his mystery lady, who talks of Renard returning to his "rightful place." "I heard you killed your cousin," she continues. "I certainly hope nothing like that happens to me." Angelina then confronts her kidnappers, who are nasty snake Wesens. Turns out Angelina killed a hired assassin -- and the kidnappers convince Angelina to take the job that he was supposed to complete. It's that or they kill her or call the cops. She agrees.Angelina then bursts into Monroe's house, interrupting a passionate moment with Rosalee. Against Monroe's wishes, Rosalee excuses herself. "I'm here to kill you," Angelina then tells her ex boyfriend. She explains that she was offered $25,000 to kill Monroe -- at gunpoint. Angelina doesn't plan to kill Monroe, but only wanted to warn him. "You need to leave!" Angelina yells. Instead, Monroe calls Nick to ask for help. Nick apologizes to Juliette and then excuses himself from her homemade dinner.Later, Monroe welcomes Nick into his home -- and the detective immediately spies Angelina. He pulls his gun, trying to arrest her for a previous murder. Monroe steps in and asks the two to put their "differences" aside for the moment. It becomes more difficult when Angelina admits to killing another man earlier in the evening. "He was trying to rape me," she explains. Nick then takes the cell phone that Angelina's kidnappers provided her with. It might provide clues. The gang then heads to Hank's house where Nick asks his partner to look after Monroe until the case comes to a safe close.Nick and Angelina then drive two hours back to the bar. Much to Nick's disgust, Angelina pretends to be his partner around the local cop. Angelina recreates the death scene perfectly (because, as Nick knows, she was part of it). She points out where the victim likely threw the man's wallet -- allowing them to ID the man, a well-known local criminal. She also manages to pocket the criminal's cell phone. Later, Nick and Angelina look at the last call received -- it's likely from the men who want Monroe dead.Nick traces the number to a hardware store. He sends Angelina into the store, where she finds a henchman who, when threatened, explains that they want to kill Monroe because he is friends with a Grimm. They want to send a message and set an example: "Working with a Grimm is not good for you." So Nick has unwittingly put his friend in danger and suspects this might all be traced back to a Royal. The gang heads to Rosalee's shop for help with a "Dead Faint" potion that will make Monroe appear deceased for a few hours. But, of course, it's very, very dangerous. Monroe might never wake up.Angelina then gets a call from her "handler" -- he wants to know if Monroe is dead and, when Angelina says yes, gives them a place to meet for the pay off. Monroe then drinks the potion -- to Rosalee's strenuous objections -- and promptly "dies." Angelina takes the seemingly deceased Monroe deep into the woods, where she shows the body to the snake Wesen. Convinced Monroe is indeed dead, snake man calls his boss -- the suspected Royal -- while Nick and Hank watch from a nearby ridge. Another car pulls up ... and Renard's mystery woman emerges. "Pay her," the woman says after looking at the body.Suddenly, Monroe's hands begin to curl and he turns white -- signs that the Dead Faint is actually killing him. Angelina decides she can no longer wait. She begins to give Monroe mouth to mouth, awakening the Wesen. Chaos ensues. The snake man attacks Nick and is finally killed with a shotgun blast by Hank. Angelina, meanwhile, is shot by the henchmen. The mystery woman escapes. So they don't know for sure who ordered the assassination attempt.Angelina dies in Monroe's arms. He cries. Later, the mystery lady heads to the airport to find Renard waiting. "You going to kill me?" she asks. Renard answers: "That depends on so many things. Now, tell me everything."

Directed by Rob Bailey  

Starring David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz, more...

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