La Llorona

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Drama//Horror/Mystery, USA, 2012

Synopsis Father and son sit down on a river dock to fish. They spot a woman in white. She is crying and wading out into the river. The father gives chase, but the woman goes under ... and disappears. Soaking wet, he emerges from the water to see the woman in white leading his son away from the dock. He screams.Monroe has decked out his yard and house with dozens and dozens of scary decorations. "Halloween for us --- it's like bigger than Christmas!" Monroe explains. Nick gives Monroe his mace to complete a robotic decoration that bashes pumpkins. "Promise me nobody's going to hurt," Nick says. Later, Nick and Hank arrive at the river. Wu shows them a cell phone video of the woman in white leading the missing boy through the parking lot. The father is hysterical.Juliette is brought in to translate for the father, who only speaks Spanish. The father says a crying woman in white took his son. Nick, Hank, and Juliette then head to the father's house. Inside the boy's room, they find a photograph of the boy with his dead mother. Grandmother then explains to Juliette that the "weeping woman" took the boy. The father dismisses it as an old ghost story.Meanwhile, a young, mysterious woman who has newspaper clippings about abducted children on her walls sees an Amber Alert on her computer. She transforms into a blue furred wesen before picking up the phone. "I need to book a flight -- the next flight to Portland, Oregon." Soon, the woman arrives in Portland and introduces herself to Renard as a detective from New Mexico. She explains that she has been tracking this case for years -- and that they can expect two more kids to go missing. "Always two boys and a girl." The kids are always taken near Halloween and always found drowned. Det. Espinoza believes that the woman believes herself to be the "La Llorona" ghost.Renard reports that a little girl has just been abducted from along a river. At the house of the father of the missing boy, Juliette is confronted by the grandmother, who notices the cat scratches on her hand and seems to know all about her recent struggles. "Your world is coming apart and you will have to choose between the two you feel for." Juliette, who has been thinking of Nick and Renard, reacts angrily. She doesn't want to hear this from a stranger.Nick and Hank head to the second crime scene and get some bad news: turns out Det. Espinoza left the police force three years ago and is wanted by the FBI for impersonating an officer. She turns into a wesen when confronted and says that she knows Nick is a Grimm. Nick tries to calm her. "All we want is to find those kids," he says. Back at the police station, Espinoza admits that her nephew was once taken from her by the weeping woman and that has fueled her obsession. Renard demands that Espinoza be locked away.Nick and Hank head to the trailer and do some research. Sure enough, La Llorona is described in one of the old books. "I thought we didn't believe in ghosts," Hank says. Retorts Nick: "We didn't." So Nick and Hank return to the station and explain to Espinoza that they're going to keep her in custody ... but take her along as they head to where a third kid was recently taken. The group figures out - based on a clue in Nick's books -- that the weeping woman will drown the kids where the three rivers converge.Sure enough, the woman in white leads the three children to the river's edge. The woman cries and begs the river to return her own children. Three ghostly images emerge from the water. "I have brought three to take your place!" the weeping woman declares ... before the ghost children disappear. Nick, Hank, and Espinoza rush the beach. Hank and Espinoza grabs the children while Nick tackles the woman. They wrestle in the water before the woman slowly floats to the bottom and disappears in the darkness. Nick surfaces. "I had her ... and then she wasn't there," he explains to Hank and Espinoza.But the kids are safe.

Directed by Holly Dale  

Starring David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz, more...

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