Time Stops

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Drama/Romance, USA, 2015, 43 min.

Synopsis Meredith is thinking about selling her house -- and Amelia is surprised to hear it. Meanwhile, Webber is welcoming a new batch of surgical residents (chicks and ducks, as the veterans call them), and all the surgeons are up in the gallery watching. Stephanie takes four of the residents under her wing and she seems to be trying to embody Bailey's strict demeanor.Hunt tells Arizona that the board is going to appoint a new chief, saying he's "been chief long enough and it's time for somebody else."Catherine and Webber are getting married that afternoon, and Jackson is serving as Catherine's maid of honor. The mother and son get talking and she mentions that April has changed after coming back from the combat zone. Suddenly, there's breaking news that brings all the doctors to the E.R. Jo starts taking an interest in April and Hunt's medical adventure with the Army. The firs couple of ambulances with patients from whatever emergency occurred are dead on arrival.Hunt announces that the tunnel under a highway collapsed during rush hour and crushed nearly 20 cars. There are 13 fatalities accounted for, so far, and finally a patient comes in with a pulse. Catherine shows up at the hospital, but not to drag Webber to the wedding. She's there to scrub in on any surgeries that are needed.A woman named Joan who's 40 weeks (humans are never pregnant for 40 or more months) pregnant and in labor is brought in from the accident. She says they need to go back and get Keith. A couple of teenagers come in asking for a 17-year-old named Scott. Joan tells Stephanie and another doctor, Andrew Deluca, who came in on the ambulance with her that she got "knocked up" on her first date with Keith, but they're planning to get married the following week. Meredith, April, Pierce and Amelia head out to help with a patient trapped in a crushed car -- and it's Keith.Keith is not in good shape. It's a wonder he's alive. He's impaled in two places, but he's totally conscious and talking to Meredith as she's checking him out. She tells him it's pretty bad, but she's seen worse.Back at the hospital, Hunt tells this surprise Dr. Deluca jump in to help.Hunt tries some on-the-fly procedure on Scott that makes Jackson uncomfortable. It involves draining his blood and replacing it with cold saline -- essentially freezing him for an hour to buy some time to operate. Jackson and Hunt are continuing to argue over the procedure and Catherine comes in to back Jackson. Alex backs Hunt -- and so does Webber. Hunt admits it's "a Hail Mary," but the kid is going to die if they don't try something.Pierce and Meredith are both trying to work on Keith in the cramped quarters of the car that's crushed all around him. Keith starts telling Meredith about how he and Joan are doing everything backward -- having a baby, then getting married while still getting to know each other. He's not doing well, though, and he coughs up a mouthful of blood.Bailey finds one of the new residents carrying a plate of brie and prosciutto, then discovers that Catherine had all the wedding catering brought into the hospital.Scott's two friends find Jo in the hall and tell her about the procedure that Hunt and Alex are trying -- and they show her some research they've found online that says it's only been tested on pigs, not on humans. Catherine confronts Webber and tells her he needs to "follow orders" and he says it's his call because he's the chief. She clarifies, "You mean interim chief." He leaves.Meredith & Co. in the field go over options on how to treat Keith, and April says it might be impossible to save him. A firefighter comes and says he's calling it -- they're going to try to cut him out with the jaws of life. April says she'll stay just in case Keith makes it through the extraction from the car, but sends the other three back to the hospital in case they can help save other patients.Two of the new residents start talking near Joan -- the pregnant woman -- about how intense their first day has been, and one of them mentions the mass casualty and the team in the field trying to save the guy crushed in his car. Joan knows they're talking about Keith and starts to panic. She says she can't breathe, so one of the interns loosens her neck brace just as Stephanie turns the corner and shouts, "No!" We hear a crack in her neck and Joan says a shock went through her body. Stephanie asks "Dr. Deluca" to help stabilize her, but he admits he doesn't know how to do it, then reveals that he's just an intern who was running late to the his first day.On the way back to the hospital, Meredith tells Pierce that Keith "didn't have a chance" and it was "the right call." Amelia scoffs.Stephanie is not pleased with her resident and they worry that Joan is paralyzed. She can't wiggle her toes and she can't feel her contractions.Amelia and Meredith argue about whether there was something else they could have done, and Pierce also questions whether they could have done more. The conversation turns toward Amelia questioning Meredith about how she decides someone is beyond saving and it's "time to walk away." She's talking about Derek.The tension rises as Hunt and Alex try to bring Scott back from hibernation. It's a long wait, but there's a heart beat. Webber and Catherine argue once again when she says she'll choose a new chief who's not as cavalier.Amelia confronts Meredith again in a supply closet and this time she's more direct about how Meredith didn't call her when she heard about Derek. Amelia thinks she could have saved Derek. She insists that she should have been there. Meredith tries to tell her it was was to late. Amelia finally asks how she could unplug Derek without letting her know. She's upset that she didn't get to tell him goodbye, and she says that's because of Meredith. She walks out and Meredith breaks down -- but only for a moment. She wipes the tears away, takes a big breath, then heads back out.Webber tells Bailey that the odds aren't in favor of the wedding actually happening. It always comes down to choosing between the woman and the work, and he winds up choosing the work.The doctors wheel Joan carefully into an elevator on the way to an O.R. when she suddenly feels her hands, legs and -- a contraction. She screams through it while Callie tells her not to move because they don't want her neck to dislocate again.Hunt tells Jackson he was right about how he was taking a big risk. Jackson says he was "lucky." Jackson then opens up about how April is different since she came back from the training with Hunt. Hunt says it happens "more than you think" when you go out into the field and come back. He reminds Jackson that he's resigning as chief.Jo and Alex argue about going on the Army thing. She feels like it'd be exciting, but Alex doesn't want to leave now that he feels like he's establishing roots there.Joan, meanwhile, is fully in labor in the elevator.Meredith finds Alex and asks if she and the kids can come stay with him for a while. She says she needs to feel like she's home, and that her house just feels like a house.Pierce is on the phone with her mom asking her to explain what's happened.Joan's baby arrives and she cries, saying that Keith is supposed to be there. Meredith, Pierce and Amelia head out to the ambulance entrance, thinking they'd seen the last of Keith. When they go outside, they find April standing on the back of a flatbed tow truck, which is carrying Keith's crushed car -- with Keith still trapped inside. Meredith had said Keith's best chance of surviving the extraction from the car would have been if they were closer to the hospital -- so she brought him and the car closer.

Directed by Kevin McKidd  

Starring Ellen Pompe, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr., Sara Ramirez, more...

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