The Becoming

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Drama/Romance, 2008, 60 min.

Synopsis The day began with Bailey walking her precious little son through the halls of the hospital, but he wouldn't factor in to any storylines, so a quick check with Meredith in her therapist's office revealed that she was struggling with coming to grips letting go of Derek and acknowledging that he's with Rose. This was her mantra for the day. He's with Rose. She repeated this to herself as she walked into the room of their newest patient in the clinical trial for treating brain tumors by injecting a virus into the brain.Bailey set out to find Sloan, who was makin' whoopie with Callie in an on-call room. Bailey told Sloan that a nurse refused to work on his surgery. Sloan later found out that the nurses had staged a boycott on his procedures because of his philandering with many of them. The nurses' union filed an official complaint, resulting in a "date and tell" policy that forces all hospital staff to fill out a form acknowledging any sexual relations they've had with other staffers.The gang, meanwhile, tried to keep Cristina from seeing a newspaper article that the chief posted on a hospital bulletin board about Dr. Preston Burke's recent award. Even though Burke was gone, the chief thought it reflected well on the hospital. Cristina saw it and said, "Good for him." But she wasn't OK. The rest of the day, Cristina was in a fog, not responding to Dr. Hahn's questions during rounds and eventually asking to be assigned to the morgue for a day. Once there, she sang Madonna's "Like a Virgin" to herself while cutting up corpses (for medical purposes, we must assume).Alex told Izzie he was going to have Rebecca move in with him because she's expecting their baby. Izzie hadn't told Alex she knows Rebecca isn't actually pregnant, and struggled all night over whether to say anything about it. Alex was treating a woman awaiting a heart transplant and freaked her kids out when he told them their mom would die for a moment during surgery.The nurses' complaint brought the chief's ex-wife Adele into the hospital as a representative, and the chief wanted to use the opportunity to prove that he's changed and was now able to delegate. He saw George passing by and offered him a job as his intern (that's not a real job). George was stunned and took it on. His first job was to pass around the "date and tell" forms and get them returned by the end of the day.Derek's new girlfriend Rose, curiously, told George that she didn't need one of the "date and tell" forms because she hasn't reached "the highest" level of intimacy with anyone at the hospital. Later, Sloan told her she's one of those women who use sex as a prize for fear that once they "give it up" the guy will no longer be interested. She took a form.Meredith and Derek's patient, a solider, was hiding that he was gay and his father walked into his room while he was in mid-kiss with his partner, also a solider. The patient didn't want to reveal the relationship to his father. Meredith went to talk to Cristina, but Cristina kept singing until Meredith told her she's in therapy because Derek is with Rose.Bailey was upset that she was the only staffer exempt from filling out the form. She wound up yelling at the chief for thinking she was unable to appeal to someone of the opposite sex.Meredith and Derek's surgery went well, but the patient had to stay overnight and be monitored. Derek offered to stay the night at the hospital with Meredith, but she told him to go be with Rose. The patient died that night, but there was nothing anyone could have done. He died without telling his father the truth about his gay relationship. Derek came back with a bottle of champagne that he told Meredith they would drink when they save someone with their clinical trial.Callie had spent the day avoiding Hahn because of Addison's suggestion the previous week that Hahn and Callie were in a lesbian relationship. Hahn told Callie she doesn't make friends easily and wondered why Callie didn't want to tell her about the fact that she (Callie) is sleeping with Hahn. Callie admitted to Hahn that she was avoiding her because of what Addison said. They both laughed, but no one ever denied anything and the laughter turned to silence.Sloan was mopey because one of his surgeries got canceled because of the nurse boycott on his cases. He passed up on sex with Callie and sat alone wondering what kind of person he was. Bailey came over and slapped him on the head before pulling the nurses together and making a speech about how they should have known what kind of person he was before any of them got involved with him. She said Sloan is "a whore" and "nasty."George realized that the chief was using him with the whole "chief's intern" deal as a way to get back together with Adele, and he quit the chief's intern job that was never a real job. The chief asked Cristina to fill out a form because the hospital is still liable even though Burke was good. Cristina finally let it all out and made it clear how she felt about helping Burke through his shaky-hand crisis and never getting any attention for it. Now, she said, she's lucky if she gets to hold a clamp. "I was his hand, and now I'm a ghost," she said. "I know everybody's proud of him, but I'm not. And I do not wish him well."Izzie never told Alex about Rebecca's faux-pregnancy, even though he was angry that she wasn't happy for him and because he thought she didn't think he could be a father.Derek and Sloan rode the elevator together and Sloan was sad that the best thing Bailey could say about him to the nurses was that he's a whore. Derek said he slept with Rose, but all he could think about was Meredith. "Who's the bigger whore?" Derek asked.Meredith tried to convince her therapist that it was a good day, but the therapist called her on it and said she wasn't the hero she thought she was because she was standing by while Derek went off with Rose. The therapist came just short of outright calling Meredith a coward before Meredith stormed out of the room.

Directed by Julie Anne Robinson  

Starring Ellen Pompe, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, more...

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