Sweet Surrender

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Drama/Romance, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis Previously on...: Izzie has stage 4 cancer that has spread to her brain, liver and skin. Derek and Sloan fought. George hurt Callie and made her dad mad. Meredith and Derek got engaged, and Cristina and Hunt broke up.'Don't surrender': Voiceover Meredith spent the first part of the night explaining how surgeons don't back down from challenges and "certainly don't surrender." Meredith told Derek she's not a church bride or a big, white dress-wearing bride. Simplicity would be their wedding's theme, and Izzie would handle the arrangements to distract her from her cancer.Derek walked in on Sloan and Lexie kissing. No one said anything and it was very awkward.Hunt saw the hospital's therapist, who told him to claim his feelings. She told him his feelings were about his platoon and he refused to accept that.Izzie was making calls from the hospital about the wedding. She wanted some dresses delivered and used her cancer (along with some fake coughs) to get the wedding dress people to agree to deliver them. Dr. Swender, who's heading up Izzie's treatment, was worried about Izzie using up so much energy. She said, "A few hours from now, Izzie Stevens is going to wish she were dead."Callie's dad came through the hospital like a tornado. First, he slammed George against the wall and threatened to kill him for cheating on Callie. Then Callie explained she slept with Sloan before she and George were divorced, so she was at fault, too. Then Callie's dad slammed Sloan against the wall and threatened to kill him, but Callie explained they were friends now. Then Callie took the step of introducing her dad to Arizona, her new love interest, asking him to "please be OK with this." Arizona reached out for a handshake and said, "I'm really hoping you draw the line at throwing women against walls."A pedestrian who'd been hit by a driver came into the emergency room, alongside the driver. They argued about who was at fault, but both had serious injuries. Lexie, meanwhile, looked completely stressed out. The driver said the pedestrian jumped in from of his car.Bailey was in on her day off to watch Arizona run through pediatrics. Bailey admitted her husband, Tucker, didn't know about her pediatrics fellowship. They went in to treat a girl with Tay-Sachs.Sloan and Derek worked on a patient together. They debated over which of their procedures should be done first, and asked Lexie to decide which was the priority. She was leaning toward Derek's, for some fancy medical reason, but waffled when Sloan called her "Lexie." Derek called her "Dr. Grey," and they went back and forth a few times before she blurted out, "I think you're both amazing doctors," and walked out of the room.The pedestrian from the accident was trying to convince George he was in the crosswalk when the car hit him. The man wanted to leave, but George stalled him. George told Alex, who was overseeing the pit, that he wanted a psych consult on the man because his injuries weren't consistent with his story that he was walking when he was hit by the car. Alex gave George a hard time because there were other patients waiting, and George said, "If he leaves here and hurts himself, that's on you." Alex reluctantly agreed to the psych consult, but told George that if someone in the waiting room dies because there was no bed available, that's on him.The chief congratulated Meredith on the engagement, and ordered her to try on the dresses that Izzie had delivered. Meredith didn't want a dress or a fancy wedding, and said that if Izzie kept it up, someone would be wearing a morning coat and a top hat and they'd be dancing to "Wind Beneath My Freakin' Wings." She also didn't want to talk to Izzie about it because she'd feel guilty when Izzie looked at her with "those cancery eyes." Derek talked and Izzie cried, then Derek reported to Meredith: "Apparently a morning coat is non-negotiable. Also, we have to make time for ballroom dancing lessons."Callie told her she was happy with Arizona. He wanted her to fly home with him.Arizona told Bailey that patients with Tay-Sachs usually die by the age of 4 or 5. Jessica, the girl they were treating, was 6. Her dad wanted to take her to another treatment center in Mexico. The frustrated dad said he'd get the girl to Mexico and said, "Shame on you" to Arizona for giving up. Bailey watched it all.Izzie's heart rate stopped and Cristina raced into the room asking for a crash cart. But Izzie quickly started laughing and making fun of Cristina's "freaked out face." She'd disconnected her heart-rate monitor and only needed Cristina to come in because Meredith wouldn't answer her pages about trying on dresses. She wanted Cristina to talk to Meredith about them.The driver from the accident was told of the to his head and that he might lose hearing in his left ear. Derek told Mr. Gates to stay calm, but he got more upset, saying the pedestrian dove in front of his car with his arms outstretched, "like he was Superman."Meredith tried on a big dress for Izzie. She tried to explain to Izzie that it was a small wedding with buffalo wings at the reception. She didn't want a big dress or a tiara, and she didn't want Izzie taking pictures. Izzie said that if Meredith just "pissed away" her wedding, it would make her sad, and she was already sad because she has cancer. Meredith tried on the tiara. Izzie took another picture.Callie was upset her dad wanted her to move home. She was freaking out and speaking Spanish. Arizona called Sloan in for reinforcements. Callie felt bad because her dad had supported her through everything. Sloan said "supporting someone and respecting someone aren't the same thing." He told Callie to tell her dad that.Jessica, the little girl, was scared and asked for her dad. Bailey was the only person around, and she rocked Jessica in her chair with her, because that's what her little boy likes when he's scared.Izzie was feeling good, Alex brought her a cheeseburger from Joe's, and she was waiting for Meredith to come out of the bathroom with another dress on. When Meredith resisted, Izzie faked choking, which got Meredith out of the bathroom and panicked Cristina again. (Any idea where this is headed?). Lexie, who was stress eating because of the Sloan and Derek tension, ate all of Izzie's fries, and Cristina went to help Meredith get the dress off. Izzie smiled and asked Alex to get her more fries and he was surprised the IL 2 wasn't affecting her at all. When Izzie was finally alone, she threw up.Bailey rocked Jessica in her arms and the girl's breathing became heavier. Her dad showed up, still frantically trying to arrange the trip to Mexico. She asked her dad if they could leave for Mexico the next day because she was really tired. He left to try to arrange plane tickets and Bailey stayed laying in bed with Jessica.Meredith told Derek and Sloan to get over their issues, if not for the patient then for her. Derek said the chief could be his best man at the wedding. That upset Meredith and Derek told her to get over her grudge with the chief. She explained he had an affair with her mom, broke up her parents' marriage and "basically destroyed my childhood." Meanwhile, she said Derek and Sloan have been friends for 20 years and Derek was willing to throw it away over nothing. She told Derek she'd let go of her grudge when he let go of his.Hunt found Alex out of the pit and asked about Mr. Maloy, the pedestrian from the accident. Hunt knew the man was possibly suicidal and yelled at Alex for not keeping an eye on him. Alex raced down to the E.R. and asked George where the patient was, just as George realized Mr. Maloy had disappeared from his hospital bed.George and Alex yelled at each other in the parking lot about who was at fault. George recalled that Alex didn't want the psych consult in the first place, then said, "I don't know what Hunt sees in you, and I certainly don't know what Izzie sees in you." Alex fired back that he tried to find something to respect in George because he and Izzie are friends, then said he's "done" with George. That's when they heard glass crashing and suddenly, Mr. Maloy threw himself out of a window several stories up and landed on the roof of a car in the parking lot, splattered with blood.When they brought Mr. Maloy into the E.R., Alex stumbled as he described to Hunt what happened and George kicked in to high gear, rattling off everything about the patient and telling Hunt he'd already lined up an O.R. Hunt asked George to scrub in and left Alex behind.While in surgery, Derek and Sloan argued about Sloan being irresponsible and untrustworthy. The patient started bleeding and Sloan fixed it quickly, impressing Derek.Izzie walked in her room to pick up a dress that fell on the floor. Then, she collapsed.Hunt complimented George on thinking 10 steps ahead and told him that his speciality is trauma.Callie's dad asked the chief to let him take Callie home. The chief reminded her dad that Callie is a grown woman. "Does she know you're here?" the chief asked. Mr. Torres said the need to protect your kid doesn't go away when they grow up.Jessica's dad came into her room, still panicking about getting tickets to Mexico. But Bailey told him to stop and to hold his daughter because she was going to die and he should be the last one to hold her. He laid in her bed and held her, telling her about going to Mexico, where the sand is white and the water is clear. "No more doctors, no more medicine, just you and me," he whispered to her as her heart stopped and he cried.Izzie, who was feeling terrible from the I.L.-2, said she thought it would be fun to flip through magazines and make Meredith try on dresses she knew she'd hate. She said she thought she could be the same person she was when she woke up that morning, but now she was just another patient trapped inside a sick and dying, cancer-ridden body.Callie and her dad argued in Spanish. Callie told Arizona that her dad gave her an ultimatum, saying that if she didn't come home he'd take away her trust fund and cut her off. So she cut him off. She wasn't sure if she was OK with that. Arizona hugged her.Hunt was back with the therapist. He felt bad because he knew he wasn't together and he wrecked Cristina. He felt shameful about it. She said it was a start that he named his feeling.Derek and Sloan told Mr. Gates' wife about his injuries and she thanked them both for taking care of him. "Thank Dr. Sloan," Derek said. "That kind of bleed, not many surgeons could've handled. He saved your husband's life."Sloan told Derek that was the first compliment he'd ever given him, but Derek said it wasn't a compliment, just a statement of fact. He said if you have to ask for a compliment, then it's not a compliment.At the end of the night, Bailey was frustrated because she spent the day sitting or laying down and holding a child. She said she could've done that if she'd stayed home. She was upset that she didn't do a single medical thing that day. Arizona told Bailey peds is more than just cutting, and what she did that day was heroic.Meredith tried on one last dress and Izzie said she was going to make a beautiful bride. The chief saw this from afar and smiled.At the bar, Alex went to George and him he "kicked ass today." George said he just did what he had to do. Alex admitted he wasn't as good under pressure. Then Alex said, "She's really sick. Really sick, and I'm not good under pressure." George passed his beer over to Alex and ordered another.Meredith told Lexie she was going to be in the wedding, and Lexie freaked out, in a good way. Then Meredith told her just to wait and see what Izzie picked out for her to wear. Derek and Sloan walked in all smiling and chatty and talked about watching the second half of the game. They were friends again, and Meredith told Lexie should stop eating now."Oh, thank God," Lexie said, putting down her Twinkie.

Directed by Tony Phelan  

Starring Ellen Pompe, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, more...

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