Losing My Mind

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Drama/Romance, USA, 2008, 60 min.

Synopsis In the opening sequence, Meredith was quitting therapy; Cristina was cleaning; Rebecca was trying to hold down her breakfast and puking it up. But wait. Cristina doesn't clean, and Rebecca isn't pregnant, and Meredith doesn't ... well, OK, Meredith quits.Meredith was looking to fire her therapist after the therapist effectively called her a coward during their last session. The therapist asked Meredith if that was coincidence or part of Meredith's pattern of quitting things, but Meredith insisted she doesn't quit things. That was a cycle that could go on for a while. So let's go somewhere else...The chief was a ball of nerves, running around the hospital in anticipation of a visit from his mentor, Dr. Walter Tapley, wanting to make sure there was a special surgery that Tapley could scrub in on. Hahn couldn't believe that the chief studied under "the hand of God" and said she'd stab someone in the chest if she had to, in order to get Tapley a fun operation. Ahh, doctor humor.Back to Meredith, she and Derek were getting ready for a new patient in their experimental trial where they shoot a virus into someone's brain to kill a brain tumor. Is hasn't worked yet, but Derek was feeling confident about this one. When they talked to the patient, she said she wanted to wait for her new boyfriend, Andre, to arrive before undergoing the risky surgery. Her sister, though, said she didn't believe the boyfriend was real. The story of how they met was too much of a fairy tale and she'd never seen anything but her sister's drawings of Andre. Meredith wondered if the tumor was causing the patient to believe Andre was real even though he didn't really exist.Meanwhile, Izzie confronted Rebecca and told her that she shouldn't be using a fake pregnancy to trap Alex into a relationship. Rebecca maintained that the pregnancy was real and challenged Izzie to run the test again. Callie was afraid something was wrong with Cristina because she'd been cleaning and because she had no interest in meeting Dr. Tapley. Meredith asked Cristina if she was "in the dark place." She said she was. Meredith said she was, too.Dr. Tapley told the chief and Dr. Hahn that the real reason he was visiting was because he needed an extremely dangerous heart operation that his own staff wouldn't perform because of the risks involved. Hahn refused.Rose was worried that Derek didn't call her after they had sex, and Sloan noted that it was odd. The chief was worried that Adele didn't call after they had sex, and no one was quite sure what to make of that. The chief had George draft an e-mail to Adele, telling her to have dinner with him, "confident, casual, sexy." Izzie got back in Alex's face to tell him Rebecca isn't really pregnant, which angered him and he told her stay out of his life.Derek and Meredith argued over how long to wait to do their patient's surgery, leading to a little discussion about what's real love and what is the thing called love that Meredith said only exists "in delusional fantasies." Derek, ever the romantic, wanted to wait a while to see if the possibly non-existent boyfriend showed up. Derek later wondered if he'd been idealizing his relationship with Meredith.Cristina, meanwhile, was on a bit of a rampage. She dumped Dr. Tapley on Lexie, asking her to give him a central line, which she'd never done before, telling George he wasn't going to gain the points he thought he would be brown-nosing the chief, and telling Lexie that Meredith hates her. Sloan was trying to turn over a new leaf and told Callie that if she wants the sex, she'd have to take his brains, too. But she and Hahn teased him about being lesbian lovers and planted the idea of a three-way in his head. Sloan flipped the script on Callie later, though, by suggesting a whole scene in which she and Hahn hook up. Callie got uncomfortable and didn't want to talk about it.Rebecca went to see Sloan and asked him to give her a breast enhancement because she didn't think her average looking chest went with her new face. He later worried that she was suffering from acute stress, which can happen to patients that have a big dose of plastic surgery. This hutch was solidified when Izzie told Sloan that Rebecca thought she was pregnant, even though she wasn't.Meredith told the therapist about her argument with Derek over their patient's delusional love affair, and the therapist told Meredith that she'd waited for Derek to screw up their relationship so she could find a way out. The therapist told Meredith she's too careless with her life and Meredith took offense to the suggestion that she's suicidal. The therapist went a step too far when she told Meredith that she takes these chances with her life because her mother had told her she was worthless. Meredith demanded to get her medical chart and fired the therapist, telling her, "Don't ever talk about my mother again."Bailey, whose son Tucker had gotten in trouble at day care because he punched another kid, got into an argument with her husband over how he was raising the boy and about how little time she was able to spend with him. George took little Tucker out of the room while his parents yelled at each other. Alex, meanwhile, came into the room while Izzie was giving Rebecca an ultrasound. He saw for himself that Rebecca wasn't pregnant.As time ticked off the clock and their brain surgery patient's boyfriend Andre failed to show up, even Derek admitted that the mystery man probably didn't exist. The woman sobbed uncontrollably as she seemed to realize that the tumor had caused her to dream up the whole scenario. They put her under and took her into surgery. While they were working on her, Andre arrived.George was racing around when Dr. Tapley told him he noticed and respected his hard work. George asked Tapley to let the chief know and hoped that it would make the chief reconsider the decision to hold George back from his residency. Tapley said the chief wouldn't have made that decision lightly, and encouraged George to keep working hard and racing around because it would make him a better doctor. George helped the chief figure out his wife's e-mail reply, which was an emoticon "wink." (The chief thought she'd sent him a typo). The chief then told George he did good that day. George, proud of himself, took note and realized he's "turning it around."Derek and Meredith had to tell Andre and their patient's sister that there was swelling in her brain and they didn't think she was going to wake up. Meredith apologized and said they should have waited but they didn't believe he was real. Andre admitted the story of how they met made them both sound crazy, and he hoped that she might still wake up. But Derek shook his head, as if to say the fairy tale ending wasn't going to happen.On his way out of the hospital, Sloan ran into Callie and Hahn in the elevator. Callie teased him about thinking about a threesome and Hahn said he couldn't handle them both. Hahn laid a long, slow kiss on Callie and she and Sloan were both stunned. Derek spotted Rose and asked her not to force the whole fairy tale and said he wanted their relationship to be easy and fun. He just wanted to be happy, and they walked out together, hand in hand.Meredith came back to the therapist's office and told her that her mother had tried to commit suicide when Meredith was a kid after the love of her life disappeared. "So you think I'm broken? Fix me," Meredith said, again insisting that she is not a quitter.

Directed by James Frawley  

Starring Ellen Pompe, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, more...

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