In the Midnight Hour

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Drama/Romance, USA, 2008, 60 min.

Synopsis Wise, voice-over Meredith started the night by talking about being scared of the dark. As an adult, it's when self-doubt (accompanied by an image of Cristina struggling through surgery), loneliness (see: Callie laying on the floor with a blank stare and a bloody nose) and regret (Lexie hugging her knees to her chest) kick in.Izzie told herself she was crazy for believing she was really seeing and feeling Denny. The only way to test whether what she was seeing and feeling was real, Denny said, was to do something they never had a chance to do in real life. Then they did the deed -- beyond-the-grave style.Meredith, sitting on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night while reading her mom's diaries, told her friend, Sadie, she was learning all kinds of new things about her mom. Meredith thought she would have liked her mom if she hadn't been her child. Sadie asked Meredith being her "new intern BFF," and Meredith said she didn't see it because Lexie was raised right with pictures of smiley faces on her walls.Meredith heard sounds of, umm, orgasmic delight coming from Izzie's room, but when she saw Alex in the hall she wondered who was in the room with Izzie. "Derek?!" she shouted. But he came stumbling over from the other end of the hall. "Who's making a porno movie in Izzie's room?" Derek asked. Alex said "she's flying solo" and said it's kind of hot. Izzie, sweating and "hot and cold," told Alex she was skipping work.At the hospital, the resident were doing their best to impress Bailey as they jockeyed for position on the coveted solo surgery, which was an appendectomy. (Remember that, folks).Lexie and the interns were huddled around another one of the interns, who was laying on a gurney as the interns were flicking various parts of his body. They'd given him an epidural. He peed himself. Sadie came in to find this situation playing out and told Lexie that Meredith (or "Dith," as she put it) was wrong about Lexie. "She said you were a priss," Sadie said. Sadie said it was too bad the intern wasn't pregnant, because they could give him a C-section. Lexie suggested they take out his appendix. Seriously. He didn't agree to it, but Sadie said, "do me ... as long as I get to do one of you guys next." Lexie agreed.Callie and Sloan went to treat a patient who'd injured himself by falling a couple of stories while sleepwalking. When they tried to treat him, he went into a rage that included swinging his elbow, hitting Callie, giving her a bloody nose as she fell to the floor.The interns decided on an outpatient surgery room for their appendix operation. Alex went to treat a patient with abdominal pain. Sloan decided to fix Callie's broken nose.The sleepwalker apologized to his daughter for scaring her with his episode and said he must have forgotten to take one of his pulls. Derek found Sloan in the supply closet with Lexie, who was gathering supplies for her secret surgery. Sloan had to convince Derek that he found Lexie in the supply closet and did not invite her there.Lexie was about to begin performing the appendectomy on Sadie when she stopped and decided it was a bad idea. She had just about decided not to do it when Sadie took the scalpel herself and sliced her own abdomen open, telling Lexie to take out her appendix.Lexie and the interns discovered Sadie's appendix was inflamed, which made it more than a routine procedure. One of the interns decided she couldn't handle it and left.The daughter of the sleepwalker couldn't sleep and was evasive about how long it had been since the last tie she'd put her dad back to sleep.Alex's abdominal pain patient, whose husband believed she was a hypochondriac, admitted she'd ordered antibiotics online to kill what she thought was a staph infection (her husband and dermatologist said it was a pimple). Alex told she'd killed all the healthy bacteria in her body, so the doctors would have to introduce new healthy bacteria with a fecal transplant, from someone with whom she shared everyday germs -- preferably a spouse. Her husband refused to "poop into a bowl" until his wife admitted the staph infection was a pimple. She wouldn't do it.Cristina couldn't find any of the interns and the one who'd left Sadie's appendectomy claimed she didn't know where the other interns were. Lexie, out of breath, asked Meredith if she had a second. Cristina found the epidural intern and told him to get to work, and he refused -- because he couldn't move.Izzie and Denny laid in bed together, with Izzie resting her head on Denny's chest. She didn't want to move or open her eyes for fear that it would all be over.Back at the hospital, one intern stood over Sadie, who was now unconscious, as Cristina and Meredith walked in. "I think she's dying," the intern said.Meredith told an intern to page the chief and to get Bailey and "not to say anything else" while Cristina took the lead in trying to save Sadie.Sloan told Derek he'd "never thought about Little Grey in that way until you told me not to." Sloan said Derek planted the seed, and Derek told him to unplant it.Alex tried to mediate between the husband and wife about the pimple/staph infection. The wife told the husband she believed that he believed it was a pimple, and that was the best she could do. He left the room but came back when Alex told him, "She's telling you what's real for her. Stop walking away."The daughter of the sleepwalker explained to the doctors that her dad was sleepwalking every night. She thought stress was making him sleepwalk and she was the cause of the stress, so she tried to take care of him every night. The doctors said her father could have epilepsy, which would explain the sleepwalking.Izzie woke up with her arm on her pillow and Denny was nowhere to be found. She called for him in a panic until she found him. She yelled at him as he tried to apologize for dying.Bailey went into the outpatient surgery room where Cristina and Meredith were operating on Sadie and talked Cristina through the process -- a solo appendectomy.The interns sat in the hallway wondering if they were going to go to jail for what they'd done. George asked Lexie what was going on and said he could have tried to stop to stop her. She said it wasn't about him. "This is the one thing I've done in the past few months that wasn't about getting you to notice me," she told him. Another intern told George that Lexie was in love with him and asked how he could've missed that.The chief praised Meredith and Cristina for handling the Sadie situation well by taking charge and asking for help at the same time. Lexie stormed into the room and admitted it was all her fault and that Cristina had told them to "shut it down" a day earlier. The chief asked if Cristina knew about it and before she could respond he asked Meredith if she knew, and Meredith said no. In another room, Cristina and Meredith went at each other about who failed to protect whom and Cristina told Meredith she should have said anything to protect Cristina in front of the chief.The residents all waited for Bailey to find out what she was going to say to the interns. She told them she wasn't going to say anything to the interns and they were going to have to make their own speeches to the interns. The residents -- Cristina, Meredith, George and Alex -- brought their interns into Sadie's room and had them explain what her what they'd done wrong. They told the interns they were all on probation, they'd lost the chief's respect, which George said was difficult to get back. Alex, speaking for himself, said they'd lost his respect and would likely never get it back. That's when one intern muttered, "But he still respects Izzie Stevens." Alex pushed the intern against a wall and said, "She was trying to save a man's life, and you almost killed a friend for fun -- it's different." Alex looked up and saw Izzie in the doorway.Bailey and Callie talked about what the interns had done, and Bailey said she remembered being so eager to perform a surgery. She said she now does most of her surgeries without even thinking about it. She wondered if she needed a new challenge -- something to make her as excited as the residents were about performing a simply appendectomy. "Maybe I'm just tired," Bailey said. Callie said she was tired, too.Meredith, speaking to Sadie as her boss, said what she'd done made her seriously wonder whether Sadie had what it took to be a good doctor. Speaking to Sadie as a friend, she simply asked, "What the hell is going on with you?" Sadie said she didn't know.Sloan told Derek to take Lexie home as she sat, lonely and full of regret, at the hospital.Hunt was sitting at Cristina's doorstep, across the street from the hospital, when she came home. He said he didn't know why he was there. She asked if he wanted to come in and he said no. They sat on her doorstep together and he told her he thought she was beautiful.Izzie apologized to Alex for being "a mess," but he told her she'd have to break up with him if she didn't want him around, because he wasn't going anywhere. Alex invited Izzie into his room and she followed. Denny, standing in the doorway of Izzie's room, watched her go into Alex's room. She told Denny she was sorry, and he said he'd be waiting for her.

Directed by Tom Verica  

Starring Ellen Pompe, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, more...

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